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With experience since 2007, our SEO Agency will continue to share insights on our blog posts on broader topics of digital marketing. The topics over time will broaden and cover other related topics of web and online marketing. Traditional print advertising is fast becoming ineffective for most businesses by contrast to how effective it may have proven to be in the past for most businesses. Today, for businesses to grow and thrive, they must invest in the right channels and with the right digital marketing agency that delivers a sound, ethical and proven approach to online marketing. A sound strategy must commence with the agency investing the time to understand your business, its service offering, its point of difference and finally have a strong understanding of your long term business goals and then boldly advise you on whether your current website is ready for online marketing activation to help meet your business goals. To achieve this outcome both your business and the agency must work together to maximise the effect of online marketing on your bottom line. Enjoy the blog posts.