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Take your WordPress website to the next level with TopRankingsWordPress speed optimisation service.

Our team takes a deep dive into your site’s structure to pinpoint and address any obstacles that are slowing it down. As a result, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in loading times and overall performance, giving your users a smoother, faster, and more enjoyable experience

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Speed Up Your WordPress Site with TopRankings

  1. Website Diagnostics – Our developers will dive deep into your WordPress site, navigating its structure to identify areas for speed optimisation.
  2. The Reveal Following our thorough investigation, we’ll provide a detailed analysis of your website, packed with actionable insights and instructions for optimising its speed.
  3. The Blueprint – Our analysis isn’t just technical jargon. It becomes a practical roadmap for speed optimisation, customised to your WordPress site’s unique needs.
  4. Pick Your Power-up – We understand budget differences. Explore our pricing plans, each packed with unique benefits. Choose the one that suits you best!
  5. Getting Under The Hood – Once you’ve chosen your plan and outlined your requirements, we’ll assign a dedicated developer from our sister company, Digital Rescue, to start optimising your site. You’re not just getting a developer; you’re getting a whole team!
  6. Show And Tell – Tune-up complete? We’ll then provide a detailed report on your WordPress site’s performance optimisation, loaded with data from top-tier speed analysis tools. Watch your site outpace its previous performance.
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WordPress Speed Optimisation

Achieve Lightning-Fast WordPress Performance with TopRankings

Are you looking to improve your website’s performance through effective website speed optimisation? We can help! With over 18 years of expertise, we know all the secrets to maximising performance for WordPress sites. Let us transform your website into a lightning-fast experience!

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Don’t Let a Slow Website Hold You Back – Speed Up Now

We take your WordPress site to new heights with our intense optimisation service, providing your users high-speed performance. Using Google’s PageSpeed Insights’ cutting-edge techniques, we’ll turn your website into a slick, lightning-fast powerhouse. Experience unparalleled speed and performance with our expert optimisation solutions.

Minimum 80 Mobile Score Guaranteed!

We will walk you through the process and guarantee a minimum 80 mobile score on Google PageSpeed Insights! From image compression and caching to script minification and server response time improvements, we address every aspect of your site to ensure it runs smoothly and quickly on all devices.

WordPress Speed Test

Assess your WordPress site’s performance with our comprehensive WordPress speed test. Discover critical insights into your website’s loading times, pinpoint performance bottlenecks, and receive actionable recommendations to enhance speed and user experience. Take the first step towards a faster, more efficient WordPress site today.

Our Service Inclusions

No one wants a slow website. The success of our optimisation service has led us to focus solely on refining website speeds in recent years, and we’re loving it! We guarantee to propel your site to the forefront, ensuring it always remains agile and responsive.

Image Optimisation

Need help with heavy images slowing down your site? Let us slim down your graphics! We expertly compress and optimise your images, ensuring they maintain their sharpness while dramatically reducing load times.

JS & CSS Minification

NWe don’t just “minify” JavaScript & CSS; we put them through an intensive training program. This effectively reduces your website’s data size without compromising functionality.

Compression Activation

We compress your web files into compact bundles for seamless performance. Just like expertly packing a suitcase for a trip around the world, we ensure your web pages contain everything they need, with ample room to spare.

Browser Caching Leverage

Why let visitors reload resources they’ve already seen? We enhance your browser caching, enabling repeat visitors to load your website faster than you can say “optimisation”!

Server Response Time Reduction

Like a finely tuned engine, we minimise server response time to ensure your website is always ready to go. Experience the thrill of instant responses.

Code Clean-Up

Clean code equals fast performance. We tidy up your website’s codebase like digital Marie Kondos, maximising efficiency and speed.

DNS Level Firewall

A robust firewall isn’t just for security; it’s crucial for speed too. We set up a DNS-level firewall to protect against threats without compromising your users’ experience.

Cache-Control & Expires Headers

We manage your cache and set “expires headers,” ensuring browsers know when to fetch new versions of your files. It’s like giving your website a crystal ball, always staying ahead of the curve.

What’s in it for you?

With fast website speed, you get to enjoy:

Ready to Speed Up Your Website With Us?

Ready to accelerate your website to the top? Partner with TopRankings today and experience the difference. Let’s boost your site’s performance together. Reach out to us now to get started!

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