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Roofing digital marketing is becoming quite important as almost all businesses develop online platforms to fight the competition. Let’s be real – there are probably many other roofing companies that are in direct competition with yours in the local vicinity. With such high competition in the marketplace, roofing companies need to look for different ways to boost their leads.

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SEO for roofing companies is one key way in which you can improve traffic, leads, and conversion rates for your company. Search engine optimisation includes many techniques that help you land on the top of the search results page. It works through proper keyword placement and well-researched content as well as SEO-friendly website design.

Every search engine has bots that scroll through your content and website. You need to make sure everything is in order so that you rank on the first page of the results. This will ensure organic growth for you since high-value potential leads will become available through this process.

Here is how a roofing SEO agency can help you outline thorough and effective digital marketing.

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SEO for Roofing Company

Here’s how Google can help you grow.

Online platforms are the most lucrative way to get in touch with potential leads. It can increase sales through effortless and cost-effective methods that can reach a large audience. Digital marketing is one of the most important moves a business can make. 70-80% of all potential customers do their research on the company before making a purchase from the company. This means that your online presence has to be top-notch to make sure that they convert into a sale.

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Here are some digital marketing techniques that you can take advantage of for your roofing company.

36% of businesses don’t have a website, which means that they are missing out on quite a lot of potential leads. A website that has a great design and good functionality along with SEO-friendly content can bring greater profits. The website will rank higher on search engines, which can bring organic growth to the company.

The website is also the first place that customers will check for additional information on your services. If you outline clear information, it can be the key to converting visitors into customers. A roofing SEO agency can design your website according to the latest requirements of search algorithms. This will definitely help you in the long run.

PPC is a digital marketing model that helps bring organic visitors to your website. PPC is designed to generate high-value traffic. What this means is that they will have the highest chance of converting since they were actively searching for a service like yours. Small businesses can benefit greatly from this since it can land them with truly great leads.

SEO is the key to effective online marketing. Search engine optimisation for roofing companies can help them reach a wider audience. Professionals know that doing proper keyword research and well-research content that incorporates the latest in SEO can be a game-changer for any business. You can use SEO to target local customers in the area.

Any marketer can tell you the benefits of social media marketing. Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Tik Tok have become the best way to gain traction for your company. Depending on your target market, you can focus your marketing efforts on specific platforms. Reaching out to the customer through your social media platforms helps form a bond with them.

Customers expect more from businesses now than just good service. They expect brands to be genuine, open, and always in reach. Social media is one major way to have good customer service. Customers will also trust companies that have a good social media presence.

Email marketing requires a good email list that can help you get in touch with potential leads. Digital marketing agencies can help you develop email lists that drive great traffic to your website. Email marketing campaigns have to be eye-catching and planned well in order to make an effect.

Digital Marketing for Roofing Company

: Why Are Keywords Important?

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Roofing company SEO is highly important since it makes your online presence increasingly visible. There are probably many other roofing companies in your city or region. SEO can help optimise the content and website of your company to stand above the crowd. The right keywords are part and parcel with good SEO. They can decide whether your digital marketing will be a success or not. Correct keywords involve proper keyword research and optimisation.

Keyword research is quite a difficult process that involves making a list of potential keywords your audience could be putting into their search engines. There are two types of keywords: long tail and short tail keywords. The former has a greater chance of ranking since they are more specific to your business. For example, you have a better chance of ranking for ‘roofing companies in Lorne’ rather than ‘roofing companies’. There is less competition in the first one for you to beat. Being mindful of competitive keywords is important.

For keyword research, you will also need to keep in mind the changing trends and words that the audience will be likely to use. For example, customers may be more likely to search for roof insulation before winter arrives in order to prepare for the incoming cold.

Looking for the right keywords doesn’t just mean going through Google Autocomplete. There are software programs and online tools that you can use to create a list of potential keywords to target.

When you have the keyword list, you can move on to optimisation of keywords. A roofing SEO agency will keep the latest changes for search engine algorithms in mind when it comes to this part of the marketing campaign. For example, Google used to highlight smaller articles a lot more. However, the best practice nowadays is to have longer, detailed, well-written articles with proper keyword insertion.

Flooding the article with roofing keywords may not work either. They should be added to the content in a more natural way. Search engines often look for LSI keywords too. Basically, the bots look for some words that should also be in the article for it to be informative enough. For example, an article on planting roses should include words like soil, fertiliser, watering, drainage, etc.

SEO for Roofing Companies

: Creating High-Quality Content

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Content is known as the king in marketing circles because good-quality content is at the heart of all online marketing. Every campaign you make needs to have great content to make sure that you are ranking like you need to.

High-quality content with proper SEO and keyword placement will land you at the top of SERPs with ease. Valuable content can definitely get you better traffic, higher conversions, and leads. It can directly impact your profit line.

Content also plays an important role in providing potential customers with a way to learn more about your services and company. With informative content, you can earn a name as a reputable name in the roofing industry. By doing proper research for any article, you are essentially turning your brand into an authority for the subject.

Content also means following SEO techniques. The title or heading of the page has to be appealing as well as be mindful of the search results page. It is the first thing that your customers will see, so it has to attract customers and Google bots at the same time. You don’t have to be too technical or jargon-heavy to become an authority either. The tone and language both have a great impact on the content’s ability to reel people in.

Using different types of content is also a good idea if you want to appeal to different types of customers. Whitepapers, images, infographics, blog posts, articles, videos, and audio are all part of a good digital marketing campaign for your roofing business.

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What Else Can a Roofing SEO Agency Do for You?

As we discussed above, a roofing SEO agency can definitely take care of the SEO and content for your online platforms. But there is much more that you may not have even thought about.

Optimising images for your web pages is one SEO technique that companies can carry out for you. All content needs to be visually appealing, but more than that, it also has to be optimised. Images are a crucial part of the overall SEO of your website. The way you save the file and describe it can contribute to your website rankings. The ALT text for the image has to be proper as well to make it easier for the bots to scan it.
A roofing SEO agency will also work to make sure that your readers don’t spend too much time waiting for the website to load. The speed of the page load has to be as small as possible, which is why all images have to be scaled and compressed accordingly. This also means that your website design needs to be optimised for a quicker load.

Any links in the content have to be optimised as well. SEO professionals make sure that the quality and number of links on any blog post or web page are according to the highest standards. This ensures that search engines will rank your website higher. The days of link stuffing are definitely one. Using credible and reliable links to boost your website is key here.

You also have to work on the outbound links. By hyperlinking your outbound sources to reputable sources like government, official, institutional, or state websites, you will make sure that you establish yourself as a reputable authority. All the links also have to be related to your roofing business.
Let’s talk about mobile users too. Almost half of all website views and clicks worldwide in 2017 were through mobile devices. This number continues to grow more and more as people become more comfortable with handheld devices. Hence, your online platforms need to be optimised for mobiles.

The roofing website for your company will reflect on the SEO value too. Mobile optimisation affects the experience of your user, and hence, will impact your ability to convert them into a sale. A responsive website means that it will be uniform across all platforms. You also have to accommodate the design of the website to finger touch and navigation through a touchscreen. Too many pop-ups can be quite troubling for any users on their mobiles.

TopRankings as the Best Roofing SEO Agency

The main problem with roofing businesses is that you always have to look for new customers at every turn since people don’t really need a roof on their houses every two months. To get new clients, you have to make sure that you are reaching out to a large audience through various marketing techniques.

To make sure that you have a digital marketing strategy that can bring a greater number of clients to your door, you need TopRankings. They can create online platforms that you would be proud of. It doesn’t matter if you have been in the roofing business for a long time or are just starting, a proper digital marketing strategy will allow you to grow.

TopRankings is a respected SEO Agency in Australia that is renowned for its high-quality SEO marketing techniques and innovative digital marketing campaigns. Every client at TopRankings receives the best and latest in SEO techniques, which results in better conversions, traffic, and leads.

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