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Our SEO Services are tailored to clients unique needs and competitive landscape. Appreciating that every client’s website is at a different phase of their organic presence and every small to medium sized business requires a unique custom SEO solution to help them towards a stronger online presence.

SEO Audit

An SEO Audit is one of the most common services required by our clients. Clients often approach TopRankings after having experienced a 12 month SEO Service and business relationship with a different SEO Australian Company, but without having experienced any measurable traction and return on their investment. Our SEO Audits are comprehensive and highly detailed. Before commencing the audit analysis our team will first listen and obtain a clear understanding of your current and future online objectives, measure your current online footprint against these objectives including capturing and analysing both your keyword phrase rankings, your website traffic via Google Analytics and your conversions. Once our brief has been developed our team commence its SEO Audit tasks.

The criteria analysed in our SEO Audit covers several issues that can be holding your website back from dominating its industry vertical. These include glaringly obvious on-page issues like missing titles, content gaps, website speed improvement and many more immediate detrimental aspects that prevent your website’s potential to be indexed by Google and therefore rank strongly against the competition. A completed SEO Audit Report informs you of your standing against your industry competitors and at the same time serves as an actionable task list document for our SEO Experts to implement and improve your online presence.


SEO Starter

Our SEO Starter service is the next series of tasks that our team implement for your website often on the back of having conducted a comprehensive SEO Audit. Through a custom analysis of your website and with the assistance of several reputable SEO Subscription services and tools our team proceed to bridge the gaps identified in your website. Among a large list of other tasks, broken Links are identified and repaired, duplicate page titles are discovered, removed and modified to align to your company’s priority phrases. Code and site speed elements are analysed and improved against your industry competitors, all to ensure your website is positioned for a strong online presence in the future.

Prior to commencing our work with the SEO Starter service, our team obtain your current online presence in rankings and traffic and capture this in our reporting tools. By doing so before our team commence its campaign will ensure you are provided with an accountable and transparent measure of the positive impact of our team’s work on your website.


SEO Migration

Websites date every two to three years. Business owners fatally make the mistake of proceeding with a website redesign but fail to know of, or even consider the risks of redesigning a website that has traditionally ranked well across several keyword phrases. Businesses often engage premium web design or digital agencies that simply do not have internal expertise to protect an existing online presence, and often the entire strategy, planning and execution of a new website overlooks SEO equity built over several years. When this occurs and the new website proceeds without SEO Migration considerations, rankings are lost, organic traffic plummets and new business sales leads, enquiries and phone calls quite literally drop dead.

SEO Migration by TopRankings is a highly specialised project management engagement piece. We like to call it the ‘Insurance Policy’ of a website redesign. Our track record has been us protect dozens of websites that embarked on a redesign. Through ongoing consultations with all respective stakeholders and careful planning and tasks at pre and post live website stages, our experts continue to demonstrate a strong track record of protecting rankings. If your business is considering a redesign, be proactive and get in touch with our team to ensure your rankings are protected and your phone continues ringing.

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SEO Link Clean

Our SEO Link Audit and Link Clean service takes a proactive approach to ensuring there are no toxic links that hold up the progress and success of your SEO Campaign with TopRankings. A toxic backlink to your website is something that can simply occur when an unknown third party website links to your website. During an ongoing SEO Campaign our team continue to monitor your website ensuring the link profile is seen by Google to not only be compliant but actually aligned, helpful, and relevant to your business. Over the years we have developed a proven link removal request and Google Disavow process. This has seen us successfully manage to have Google lift previous penalties that held our clients back from a successful online presence.

SEO Approaches

Described below are the different approaches and touch points that are carefully tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

  • SEO Strategy

    Search Engine Optimisation Services Strategy includes an in-depth investment of time to understand our clients services and their buying audience. Some of the considerations include, researching their products or services, their key industry competitors, to help our SEO Services Company develop a highly detailed technical strategy to outperform industry competitors.

  • SEO Consulting

    Quite often larger companies seek to engage our experts on a consulting basis to help develop a strategy that can help their internal teams act with specific action items to help increase their online presence and conversion.

  • Keyword Research

    The very important step of keyword phrase discovery known as keyword research, helps businesses understand the broad range of phrases that their ideal buyers are in fact Googling to find their exact type of product or service offering. This step is a highly consultative and collaborative process between TopRankings SEO Melbourne and its clients. It helps both parties uncover and agree on the right phrases to target in an ongoing SEO Campaign, that will actually deliver a direct tangible and commercial ROI to the client. Time is the greatest asset here. Too often, many SEO Melbourne Services Companies rush to commence SEO without an agreed and carefully prioritized keyword phrase focus. The consequences are far reaching for clients, as being found on the wrong phrases is lost sales opportunities but equally time has been lost over so many months if not years – had the right phrases delivered sales leads a long time ago in the first place.

  • SEO Copywriting

    SEO content on any website still stands as one of the most critical component and first ingredient of a successful SEO Campaign. Prior to an ongoing SEO Campaign, TopRankings SEO Melbourne conducts an SEO Content Analysis to not only help identify any content gaps and opportunities throughout the website, but also benchmark the word count requirements against our client’s known industry competitors websites that rank strongly. More often than not, many of our clients lack the resources, time and expertise to have content written for websites and Search Engine Optimisation services specific purposes. As a result of this inherent need that TopRankings offers its own specialist SEO Copywriting Service. Our SEO Copywriting service can often be quite a complex and detailed project management piece factoring not only the respective project stakeholders needs but of course several other consideration as seen on the ‘SEO Copywriting Scope’ chart shown on the diagram via this link here.

  • Performance Reports

    Monthly Performance Reports are provided by TopRankings to clients capturing the growth and yes – sometimes fluctuations of an SEO Campaign. Key metrics captured include rankings, traffic, average time on site, key referral channels that are driving the most traffic and much much more. No client commences with TopRankings before receiving an opening report of their current performance online, before our team’s work to the website. This helps with transparency for our clients but with accountability for our technical team to ensure no credit is taken for any existing performance of a website’s online presence. Periodically speaking our clients also receive a more custom and detailed analysis report by our account management team, helping them understand the general trend and progress of their campaign. These periodic reports really touch on other metrics like comparable periods in the campaign, conversion statistics and overall traffic trend analysis.

  • Link Building

    Link Building still holds an important weight in an SEO services company campaigns effectiveness. Prior to commencement our team conduct a link audit to ensure the link profile of any of our clients websites are unlikely to be harmful to the long term prospects of the client’s organic presence. Should a toxic link profile be found our team act quickly with its link cleaning service. Equally, during TopRankings SEO Melbourne services company campaign, our team monitor the effectiveness of our client’s link profile and seek to identify any other high quality links that can be acquired to help compete in the ever changing industry of new and up and coming industry competitors and Google’s evolving guidelines.

  • WordPress SEO

    Many of our newer enquiring customers have a dated website that often sits in a proprietary Content Management System. Through careful screening and prior to engagement with TopRankings SEO Service company, our team would often recommend the client’s website be redeveloped using WordPress which Google loves. During this transition we assist with the right content strategy site wide ensuring Google can index the entire website for its well written content but equally can index a website in compliance with our strict SEO Services Company standards and on the SEO friendly platform that WordPress is.

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