Integrity is crucial in an industry where many others make bold promises but fail to deliver. For Noam Judah, director of TopRankings, integrity builds client trust. By setting realistic goals and following white hat strategies, he builds on the foundation of SEO that earns the respect of the industry. He helms a team of experts who believe in growth strategies that give clients higher yields. In the fast-changing climate of e-commerce, TopRankings’ diverse range of services guarantees clients that every base is covered, every challenge is addressed, and every goal is achieved – whether clients need an in-depth site audit or SEO-friendly web copy that speaks the language of their customers. It’s all about listening to their needs and finding solutions that translate into a cohesive and responsive website. Noam believes in a transparent full-service approach that never cuts corners but solidifies the standing of clients in the online marketplace and their respective trades.

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8 SEO Mistakes to Avoid Making in 2018

As you learn SEO techniques, you will begin to see why the following is a wrong approach to SEO:

As your primary traffic strategy, SEO can get search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to send visitors your way free of charge.

Upping Your Local SEO Game in 2018

Local SEO help has become necessary for businesses that want to stay in the top search results. Consider the following figures as mentioned by Search Engine Land:

  • Most people search for the location of a business location when they run a local search
  • After they have found a business, half of the people using local search will visit the location within a day or less.

Which Industries should Hire an SEO Agency?

Industries hiring SEO

Most businesses, barring a few exceptions – to be discussed later – could benefit from the services of a reputable SEO Agency. If you are running a business, it means that you are selling a product or a service.


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