The following statistics highlight the facts and importance of local SEO for a local or national business:

  • 46% of searches on Google are local.
  • 50% of local mobile users are searching for information about products and services, including local address.
  • 68% of local searches use ‘get directions’ or ‘click to call’ in a local mobile ad.
  • 71% of internet users who search on Google confirm the location of a business using Google Maps before visiting it for the first time.
  • 76% of local searches using Google Local, results in a phone call.
  • 86% of internet users are looking for the location of a business first, using Google Maps before driving to the location.
  • 93% of the time Google’s Local Listings appears in the top of search engine results, it reflects results for localised search query intent.

Now imagine what percentage you are losing on your income and how many potential clients are being taken away by your competitors who are harnessing this strategy.

The benefits of local SEO for geo-targeted rankings are essential for businesses, big or small. Local SEO Marketing enables businesses to connect with their nearby potential clients in a more personal way. Site visitors can interact with your business via local searches on Google & with the use of Google Map they can easily locate your local business and become your loyal customers. Even the most successful online business needs to implement the majority of these local SEO strategies. If your products & services are within a specific local area in Melbourne, then local SEO is one of the most important keys in your marketing efforts to achieve a high success rate.

Local SEO Melbourne Requirements

Here are the things that you need to do first before implementing Local SEO booster to your website:

  • In-house SEO Cleaning (On-page SEO)
  • Optimising your website landing Pages
  • Speed-up your website
  • Prepare the information needed for Local Citation building