SEO Link Audit and Removal Service

SEO Link Cleaning ensures that toxic and harmful links pointing to your website are identified and cleaned via the Google Disavow process. SEO Campaigns succeed via a healthy and growing quality link profile. Our link audit and clean up is offered as either a one off fixed fee service, but is most effective when undertaken by TopRankings as part of a long term comprehensive SEO Management Campaign. Many of our clients have experienced significant improvements in their online presence often within only three months of commencing our link detox process.

Google Penguin Recovery Service

It is Black and White to us.

A number of TopRankings SEO Melbourne clients have used different SEO Agencies in the past, that have falsely chased quantity over quality links, as a strategy to build an online presence. Realising that these older techniques were no longer effective left our clients wondering whether to start a new website from scratch, or if there was an alternative option.

Signs of being hit by a Google Penguin update:

1. Links have been acquired from sneaky sources, that have been built with manipulative intention.
2. A website’s backlink profile has many links with the same anchor text as the desired SEO phrase
3. A website has experienced a sudden drop in search engine rankings
4. A website owner or webmaster receives no official message about being manually penalised through Google Webmaster Tools
5. A website experiences a massive organic drop on the day of a Google Penguin Update.
6. When Google applies a penalty, they expect you to cease applying poor and clearly questionable SEO practice and immediately commence remedial action.

Our success lifting the Penguin Penalty

Since the latest Penguin 4.0 update on October 2016 we have successfully lifted the Penguin penalty
for a number of our clients:

Backlink Removal Service

Backlink Removal Service

  • 4000+ Websites Audited


    Websites Reviewed

  • 600% Conversion Rate Increase


    Conversion Rate Increase

  • 5+ Years Average Client Loyalty


    Years Average Client Loyalty

  • 10+ Years of Search Experience


    Years of Search Experience

SEO Link Clean Process

A Link Profile Audit identifies the historical links negatively impacting your SEO campaign’s traction. Our strategic and proven link detox process entails the following:

  • IDENTIFY: Identify any damaging backlinks and links that offer no value to your website.
  • MANAGE: Manage the time-consuming process of contacting webmasters and requesting link removal.
  • DISAVOW: Take care of Google’s disavow process which, if done incorrectly, can harm your site’s performance in Google’s search results.
  • REINDEX: Ensure that your website is re-indexed by Google