If you want to gain the  SEO prominence and superiority against your industry competitors, hiring a proven SEO Melbourne Agency should be a no-brainer for you. SEO Specialists are experts at what they do. Starting with an SEO audit, they will examine every inch of your website and then determine the best SEO Strategy for your website to execute.

Their ability to identify the gaps and weaknesses of your website and lay out a plan for you to accelerate your search engine rankings, will be driven by the agency’s level of experience. The agency pool their teams experience and specialist expertise to devise and implement the necessary changes your website requires to reap the benefits.

Having an SEO Agency look after all aspects of your website, enables you to focus on other aspects of growing and managing your business while they focus on their strengths of growing your new business leads from Google.

Below we help you discover the benefits of hiring a reputable SEO Melbourne agency along with the symptoms that tell you that you are in dire need of an SEO specialist for your online marketing strategy.

7 Benefits of Hiring an SEO Agency to Perform Your SEO

You need the skills of highly qualified team of SEO Experts to improve the SEO of your website. Engaging the right agency translates to measurable benefits for your business. Here are seven benefits to consider:

  • They Will Use Proven SEO Tools and Methods

SEO Specialists subscribe to large number of paid SEO Tools. They utilise these subscription tools on a very regular basis to improve their clients’ search engine rankings. Even though you may be an expert at developing content for the user, you may lack the expertise to up your content in the ranks. Do you know who has the expertise and dedicate their time each month to learn and have a near complete know-how of Google’s forever evolving search engine algorithm?

If you guessed an agency, you guessed right! They can provide you with an SEO Strategy, involving SEO Keyword Research, SEO Copywriting, and more, to provide you with a proven way based on their wealth of experience, to achieve a consistent and sustainable white hat approach to rank on Google. An agency focused on improving their SEO prowess will regularly train and retrain their staff on maintaining industry standards and the most common yet evolving best practices.

  • They Will Save You Time

Admit it, you don’t have the time to carry out SEO yourself. Instead of putting it on the backburner and delaying it, you need to outsource your SEO efforts to an SEO Company. They will perform an SEO Audit, looking at the keywords, Conversion Rate, Link Profile, and SEO Copywriting to develop a plan for SEO. In less time, you will have an impressive SEO Strategy that is proactively monitoring your progress and adjust the SEO Campaign to ensure your consistency and growth in the natural search results.  

  • They Will Tweak Your Website for SEO

SEO Specialists will give your website an SEO makeover. The purpose of an SEO Audit is to look at areas of your website, which require tweaking. You will need to incorporate a variety of different practices on your website, and you simply don’t know all of them.  

Not hiring an SEO Company on an ongoing basis has been proven to let your competitors, who are engaging their SEO Agency, to outperform your website. A considerable number of factors can contribute to the decline in your website and contribute to its organic presence drop. Some of these include slow loading speed, poor quality and spammy backlinks, incorrect image sizes, among other negative elements.  Take the right step in the right direction and engage a proven SEO Company to represent your best interests and your growth.

  • They Will Monitor SEO Progress and Measure and Report on Results

Analytics and Reporting. A challenge you will definitely face if you go about it alone. With an SEO Company’s help, you can leave the task of monitoring and interpretation of Google analytics data of your website to your agency. They will look through your website’s Google Analytics to identify acquisition channels, traffic behaviour, conversion rates, and other critical elements.

They will perform SEO Keyword Research and help identify new keyword opportunities that will contribute to your business growth, evaluate bounce rates, and lots more. The ongoing SEO Strategy they evaluate and create will come from the findings of their ongoing analysis of your campaign.

  • They Will Obtain Your Business Goals

Like every other good business owner, you have goals in mind that you want to achieve. One of the major goals you want to accomplish is exposure. You want to increase your visibility both online and offline. When it comes to increasing your visibility offline, you may already have that part covered. But when it comes to increasing your visibility online, a SEO Melbourne agency is the most appropriate choice.

Their SEO specialists will use the most effective strategies and methods to increase the visibility of your website, making it climb higher in the search engine rankings, until your website shows on the first page of Google. SEO is a longer term strategy compared with Google Ads Management but a critical channel that has been proven to drive a larger share of website traffic than any other channel.

  • They Will Increase Your Revenue

Your website should be considered one of your most valuable assets. Simply put when your website strategy and online marketing align and are executed well, your website becomes one of the prime sources of new business leads, sales, revenue and profits for your business compared with many other advertising channels.  

If you have an offline business with an online website, you may use your online presence to attract customers to your physical store. What this means that even for the nature of your business, SEO is an all important marketing channel.

  • They Will Help You Take Over Social Media

An SEO company that offers a broader range of services will also help you spread your wings on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Most of your customers may stumble upon your website from one of these social media platforms. Or better still with a highly targeted campaign you will bring your brand to be front of mind to the most qualified potential buyers of your product or service.

Having a professional SEO Company that offer Social Media Management helps you optimise your social media profiles and will help you find the right social media platform to attract and engage with the most suitable customers for your business.

Now consider, that you need to know the different symptoms that highlight clearly that you need to recruit an SEO company, the remedy to your fading existence on Google.

4 Symptoms that Indicate You Need to Hire an SEO Agency


You need to hire an SEO company if you spot the following symptoms:

  • Your SEO Traffic Has Declined

If your website’s SEO traffic has declined, you need to hire an SEO company to look into the following three things — is your SEO Keyword Research incomplete, out of date, or just completely miscalculated? We recommend you perform a market analysis with an SEO Audit after every six months. The SEO Audit can be fairly comprehensive and should cover criteria of SEO that relate to aspects such as site speed, meta-data and more.

  • Your Organic Traffic is Consistently Declining

Google doesn’t rest when it comes to making changes to its algorithm. Google, the beast, never sleeps! On average, they make around 2,000 changes to its algorithms each year. With the search results becoming more and more diversified and complex, websites are finding it extremely difficult to rank. There is just so much going on in the world of Google that keeping up with it has become hard for websites, which is why you need SEO specialists. Some of the greatest challenges for all businesses and SEO Agencies alike is that a considerable majority of algorithm changes are not officially documented or articulated by Google, highlighting even more today than in the past that SEO Campaign Management is critical.

  • You Need Help With Link Building

Link building is not a piece of cake for you…but it may be for an SEO specialist. They can help you with building links and make your profile stronger than your industry competitors.    

The idea is not to have more links than your competitors, but to obtain higher quality links than they have acquired. High quality links signals to Google that your website is more popular and authoritative than your competitors. Google assigns greater weight and preference to ranking your website over your competitors, who may not have embraced the holistic number of SEO tactics that enhance usability, content relevancy among other SEO considerations.  

  • Your Website’s Mobile Performance Score is Underperforming

How is the health of the mobile version of your website? If your mobile website score is underperforming, you need to diagnose the problem by contacting an SEO Company or your web developer. Google loves fast mobile responsive websites. If your website’s mobile version is lagging in speed and is not user-friendly, you can say goodbye to your rankings over time.

You can hire an SEO company to examine your website’s mobile version. They can optimise the mobile version of your website to drive conversion. Google relies on mobile-first index and user experience to boost a website’s organic ranking signals. If your website is not mobile-friendly, Google will go from being your best friend to your worst enemy.

If you want to develop and maintain sustainable and superior organic search results on Google, you need to employ the specialist services of a trustworthy, proven and experienced SEO Agency to perform SEO for your website. Do your business the favour and consider engaging the right SEO company for your business growth and success online.