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Compelling content to attract and convert visitors to buyers

SEO Copywriting Services helps deliver content writing that adheres to your brand tone and style but complies with the content length, phrase inclusions and placement that is critical to strong organic rankings. Website SEO Copywriting must be driven by strategic planning and a comprehensive methodology to achieve optimal benefit. ‘Content is king’ has long been a phrase thrown around in the SEO industry, but a considerable number of critical factors come into play for any newly written website copy to be effective and of tangible benefit.

Our approach to SEO copywriting


Keyword Research & Discovery is the first step that assists businesses uncover the way prospective buyers are in fact searching for their exact product or service. The findings from this research piece, which also incorporates industry competitor analysis, as well as any historical data from previously managed Google Adwords campaigns, helps businesses narrow down the phrases to target that are more likely to provide commercial benefit.


A comprehensive SEO copywriting brief is an investment of time on our clients part. This ensures seo copywriting is not solely driven by SEO services outcomes but weaves in a considerable number of other factors that help form effective website copy including user intent and unique selling propositions.

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  • 4000+ Websites Audited


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  • 600% Conversion Rate Increase


    Conversion Rate Increase

  • 5+ Years Average Client Loyalty


    Years Average Client Loyalty

  • 10+ Years of Search Experience


    Years of Search Experience


Lead SEO Copywriter

TopRankings SEO Melbourne is proud to have Gordon on our team. The great Scottsman has a wealth of experience to contribute to our clients. After spending thirty years creating and selling print advertising, and then training thousands of others to do the same, Gordon has focused in the last few years on the creation of truly powerful and effective content and copy for websites, attention-compelling blogs, many products and services, direct and email marketing campaigns, as well as key content for both magazines and newsletters. In that time, he has crafted around 4,000 pieces of SEO focused content, that remains reader friendly and contains tone and style for the intended audience.

This work has ranged from complete website rewrites to Scribe video scripts, blogs for companies as diverse as legal firms, motor dealers and medical insurance companies, print houses to online gift shops; has highlighted specific case studies, plus a huge range of general interest articles, and so much more. Gordon is also the author of more than a dozen Kindle titles, available from Amazon, covering many communication, personal development and management skill subjects.


Our ‘SEO Copywriting’ service is
suitable for:

  • Companies lacking internal expertise in SEO Copywriting.
  • Companies seeking peace of mind and quality outcomes the first time.
  • Companies seeking an alternative to the typical costly investment and turnaround times of a freelance copywriter.
  • Professionals that have other greater responsibilities and higher priorities
  • Professionals that lack the expertise strategically project manage a copywriter.

Our SEO Copywriting experts have a proven track record of writing copy that complies to search engines, and compels visitors to become active buyers of your product or service.