Since it initially arrived in our society in 1996, Google has dominated many aspects of our society. It has held the title of most used search engine on the planet for 26 years. Some may recall a time before Google, but that number decreases with each passing year.

We look up our destination on Google and learn about its entire history. Google frequently answers questions we ask off the top of our heads before we finish putting them into the search field. We use Google to find the exact products and services we need.

As buyers, we depend on Google to help us locate products and services. But on the other hand, we as business owners also rely on Google more than ever to get in touch with customers. The marketing of carpet cleaning companies is similar.

Today’s companies need to use digital marketing as a survival weapon. It might be bad for your business not to appear on the first page of a relevant Google search.

Although it seems strange to claim that every company has a relationship with Google, it is true. Your company will gain a great deal from shaping and improving this relationship.

Google is obviously a dominant force; thus, let’s learn how to control and dominate it using the power of search engine optimisation (SEO).

How to Grow Your Organic Traffic Using SEO for Carpet Cleaning Companies?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. In a nutshell, SEO refers to strategies that help you make the most of your online presence.

Alongside SEO, the word “growing” is applicable. Growth takes time and effort, and SEO for carpet cleaning company strategies are just that. You can’t begin with an excerpt of results in one business day; you’ll need some time to build a rapport with the Google crawlers.

The first step is to research what queries potential customers make. Observing what keywords users enter into Google when looking for information on carpet cleaning will help you determine which keywords to concentrate on.

The hundreds of words that make up the pages of your website are some of the target keywords. These few keywords may influence whether a potential customer conducts a relevant Google search.

Since most people don’t read an advertisement from beginning to end, the proper keywords in the right location will cause a nice click-through sound.

If your carpet cleaning business offers various services, employing the keywords associated with those services will improve your chances of appearing high in search results.

But when it comes to increasing your online search presence, target keywords are just the start. You should also follow the following six factors of SEO best practices to achieve maximum results:

Mobile Responsiveness

In the modern era, having a mobile-friend website for your carpet cleaning company is practically essential. 

Almost all of us in the first world are glued to our smartphones. Without one, it can be challenging to go around every day. We use it to make phone calls, send texts, use social media, pay bills, conduct informational searches or look for products and services like carpet cleaning.

Mobile devices are used for more than half of all searches. Your website needs to be made mobile-friendly. That much is clear.

Sadly, old or outdated websites are not compatible with mobile devices. Even the best companies may suffer from losing out on potential customers.

Even with the best service, potential buyers who find your website through a related search will quickly realise that it takes an eternity to load. Your website appears clumsy, and the text is essentially unintelligible when it finally loads.

Because of all these problems, your potential customer will probably turn to your competitor, which could kill your carpet cleaning company.

So, if your website is not yet optimised for mobile devices, you can work with a professional web design agency to have it fixed for you. 

Web Page Structure

This factor is somewhat related to the first one. Here, the structure of your carpet cleaning company website can significantly impact where it will appear in Google search results.

The only difference is that, in the web page structure, the individual pages you publish on that website are evaluated, not your entire website. 

Your overall search engine exposure depends on the calibre of each page. You can draw numerous searchers to your website and its various services with just one high-ranking page. Remember that this page should have plenty of internal links, but we’ll get to that shortly.

The trustworthiness of a website is substantially enhanced by the presence of images, especially original and high-quality images.

Content Marketing

It’s safe to assume that the majority of people enjoy some content. It’s important to remember that there is a community of like-minded people who generate information on the internet, regardless of how specialised your interests are.

Since most people are attracted to great stuff, there are also some effective content strategies you can use to help sell your business online.

Content marketing aims to entice visitors to your website, have them stay as long as possible, and have them leave with all their questions addressed and a phone number to call for their upcoming carpet cleaning appointment.

Content marketing is a terrific strategy to keep your business on the front page of Google once it starts to dominate it.

Link Building

Now let’s discuss link building, which is essential for encouraging visitors to stay on your carpet cleaning company website longer while boosting your credibility.

A network of references is created both internally and externally through link building.

Internal Links

Direct access to other pages on your website is provided through internal links. It links particular keywords to certain features of your services that most likely have a page on your website. Internal links could keep readers on your page longer by providing access to every section of your website.

External Links

Any links from external websites that you use to reference factual content in your blogs, social media posts, or service pages are known as external links. Linking out to your parent or sister company, if you have one, broadens the scope of your business overall.

Here are some of the best external links:

  • Other Blog Posts
  • Infographics
  • Case Studies

Never, however, link to a competitor’s website. They’ll undoubtedly steal your customers from you.

Knowing your keywords better can help you define your link-building strategy and ensure your search engine reputation.


Who doesn’t enjoy reading excellent reviews? As buyers, it enables us to determine whether the services we’re interested in will meet our requirements and preferences. 

While having a solid digital marketing strategy is crucial, word-of-mouth advertising will always be the most effective method of attracting customers.

Reviews are direct marketing from the source. They communicate to other customers the legitimacy of your carpet cleaning services.

Google’s crawlers focus most of their searches on intent. It fits with the review’s goal of providing a real experience. Sincere experiences generate the most credibility for your website.

Improve Google My Business

Do you have a Google My Business profile for your carpet cleaning company? If not, you ought to get one. Online users may generally find local businesses listed on Google My Business. Whenever you have a Google My Business profile, your company will show up for them if someone searches for the best carpet cleaner in their area. Google My Business combines Google Search and Maps to provide online leads.

If you already have a Google My Business profile, update it with your website, contact details, opening hours, etc. Giving a thorough explanation will increase your search rank right away.

Engage with Customers Online

Make it a point to be active and informed once you’ve joined social media platforms. To establish a relationship with your target audience, engage with them. Additionally, you will gain a better understanding of your clients’ demands and how to meet them through your carpet cleaning company.

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