Getting to the top is easy. Staying on top is the hard part. This applies to websites, too. You can build a very impressive site that generates a buzz, gains massive traffic, and sells in hours. The bigger challenge is to maintain that success. Here are small everyday steps you can take to manage a phenomenal website:

Check Your Emails First

Emails can sometimes pile up during the night and in the early mornings. Check and reply as soon as you get to your desk. Where possible, automate some actions. Respond to new leads and key them into your system.

What Do Web Stats Say?

This is a major concern for anyone running an online business. Check the growth of traffic, popular pages, or blogs, bounce rates, and average time spent on page, among others. Identify areas that need to be improved and take action.

Review PPC Campaigns

Check the campaigns you are running, including social media boosts. Take note of conversions, CPA, profit and losses. Depending on the rate of success, adjust campaign strategies.

Ranking and SEO Strategy

Are you still top in your keyword niche? Check what your competition is doing and make alterations on your site. Develop an update strategy to remain on top. Though ranking high on Google is a challenge, it is not a reason to give up. Combine your SEO strategy with a strategy on ranking to maintain your competitiveness.

Is Your Content Strategy Working?

Content helps you maintain your competitive edge. Identify new and inspiring content that could be added and improvements that could be done to existing ones. Can it be used to offer more value and to convince customers?

Work on Traffic Sources

With knowledge of the statistics, it is time to find a way to increase your traffic. Generate more leads, look for alternative traffic, and know your audience.

Manage Growth

Though your website is already successful, find new ways to grow it. Do you need guest bloggers? New links? Do you need to improve on your skills?

All of these steps will help you stay on top.