An SEO Agency can help you master your website SEO, providing you with a range of services depending on the juncture of your online strategy, from an SEO Audit, SEO Copywriting, to the fundamental SEO Keyword Research! What we’ll reveal next is worth a read!

The SEO Confusion: SEO for a Redesigned Website

The SEO confusion sets in when you ponder if you should hire an SEO Melbourne Agency to perform SEO Keyword Research for your redesigned website. You absolutely need to engage an agency on board as part of the process and timeline. Many may be thinking, hey, we did SEO before for our website, and we’re just revamping its look, so why do it again, or we can revisit SEO once the new look site is live, right?


TopRankings recommends an SEO Audit ahead of your newly redesigned website being up and running. SEO Specialists can assist at this stage on a few critically important fronts. The first is to take a snapshot of the historical phrases that have served the business well and generated high quality leads to the website. At this point it is worth evaluating whether the business may have shifted in its priority of products or services on offer. Consider if any service is today a greater priority than the ones that have been targeted via SEO in the past and whether there is any shift in this priority. Are there any new keyword rich phrases worth considering and targeting that have not been targeted in the past? Is there scope to target additional phrases by locale and finally are there any new phrases that have trended and should be added to the content on the respective pages for future SEO effort?

All of these considerations and engagement with your SEO Agency help dictate a revised designed and sitemap of your new website.  

Here, we’ll give you an example to prove our point:

You have a page that Google ranks well. It drives a lot of traffic and generates sales for your business. With a redesign, you do not want to lose all of that. If you want that page to continue performing well on Google, there are a considerable number of SEO tasks that must be at play as you migrate the web page or entire site to help protect the rankings of the site.  

If your website is new, there are naturally a number of factors that change from its older version. New content, new page, removal of old pages, new images, possibly new hosting. A number of these elements when shifting can severely impact on your organic rankings as the new site goes live, without the expertise of an SEO Agency.  

How Can You Optimise Your New Website for SEO Before Its Launch?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of optimising your newbie website for SEO prior to its launch, let’s give you a brief rundown of the benefits of developing an SEO Strategy before it graces search engines:

  • SEO Keyword Research offers you an insight on the minds of users and the type of content they typically search for on Google. Considering the data of how users search for your business dictates the entire planning and design of your website if you wish to have a new website that is ready for SEO or a new version of your currently ranked website to protect and accelerate its organic presence.
  • It enables you to design your website in a manner that considers users and the goals they are trying to achieve with it
  • It allows you to avoid fads that do more harm than good such as the current, single page website page scroll fad, especially if it will intervene with your attempts to optimise your website for SEO
  • It helps you follow the webmaster guidelines and practice policies during website design
  • It helps you consider other marketing requirements, such as creating a landing page for social media campaigns and Pay-Per-Click campaigns (PPC) during website design.

Now for the part you’ve been waiting for anxiously! Your website is underway, but not live. No problem. You can create awareness about your website before its launch to attract your target market. It does not have to be built or be live yet.

What we’re suggesting here is that you do a pre-launch SEO. Most businesses tend to ignore that, assuming they can’t do SEO for their website until they launch it. This SEO Melbourne agency begs to differ and tells you exactly why pre-launch SEO is so important!

Failing to do pre-launch SEO will result in a poor index of your website. To put it simply, Google will ignore you, burying you deep in the search results, and then climbing back up to the top will be a long and tiring journey!

Be smart; pre-launch your SEO. Here’s how:

  • Establish Your Social Media Presence

Hey, in today’s time, building a social media presence has become ever more important. If you are not active on social media, you’re missing out on a large part of the community that makes it up. Before you launch your website, you need to launch your social media profiles.

Create a profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn. We mentioned YouTube because even big celebs like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Will Smith, Jack Black, and many more have an account there. Hence, it makes sense to be active on the video platform as well, especially as these channels can help position your business with useful content for your audience.

You can use the other social media platforms if applicable to your business. Through your social media platforms, you can promote your content such as behind the scenes footage or a quick intro to you and your staff. Next, just use these channels to promote your up and coming new website.  

  • Create Several Blogs

For this one, you need the expertise of an SEO Melbourne Agency for SEO Copywriting and keyword search. They can guide you on the best practices of SEO optimised blogs for your website. Consider writing the blogs well ahead of time. Why wait to write them after your website’s launch when you can do them before?

The purpose of the blogs is to bring traffic through organic searches. The content needs to be high quality, as mediocre content won’t compete with what’s out there. When you have blogs up, web crawlers will visit your website, indexing it straight away. You want to greet web crawlers with information-rich and long format content. I

  • Optimise All the Pages You Create for SEO

You need to create several pages for SEO. The pages you create should be long-form with high authority content to target users to visit each page of your website. Do not add pages to your website for the sake of adding pages, but ensure each page is useful to the user.

You need to use keywords, especially long-tail keywords, but with the help of an SEO specialist, you’ll have high ranking keywords. Google will index the pages and give you some edge over other websites in the search engine rankings. Importantly an SEO Agency will ensure the page titles and meta descriptions are written within the guidelines of Google.

  • Place Your Website in Key Directories

List your website in key directories before launching it. It will help you build authority before your website goes live. The directory needs to be well-known and used by several people in your area.  Perform some research to identify the most used directories by the users you’re targeting.

Make things easier for yourself. Leave the SEO to a reputable and experienced SEO Agency. Let them take over the SEO aspect for you. Engage the agency for SEO Copywriting, SEO Audit, Keyword Research, Sitemap Planning and more. Let the SEO Experts develop the right SEO strategy that will protect your rankings and accelerate your organic presence ahead of your industry competitors.  

TopRankings and its sister brand Digital Rescue has been assisting businesses considering a redesign, protect their rankings and plan out their entire website content strategy to help accelerate their organic presence and increase their site conversions.

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