Websites are increasingly fighting for local visibility. Besides that, numerous updates are taking place on search engines. With all these challenges, getting your website noticed locally will require some effort and a clear game plan. Here are five key recommendations that you can apply to improve your local SEO strategy.

Create a good company profile

One of the key factors to succeed in your local SEO is to have a creative online company profile. Ensure that the information on your Google My Business page is updated regularly as your company changes. Make sure all the information provided will help the prospective customers find you. This includes your location, business phone number, your categories, and any other critical information.

Have a clear strategy on keywords

While keywords are critical in improving your local ranking, they can also hurt your reputation if used poorly. Google and other search engines can detect pages that have been stuffed with keywords. Customers will also most likely ignore pages with keywords that don’t sound so natural, and just go to another site. But a clear strategy that makes use of keywords on landing pages, meta-descriptions, and title tags is key to local SEO success. Make use of quality links, reviews, and properly placed keywords on landing and local pages.

Focus on quality link building

Link building does not mean placing links all over your content. It means getting quality links from websites that are authoritative. Ensure you have back links from major local websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor or any other consumer resource websites, depending on your category.

Improve your social media marketing plan

Social media signals are critical for website ranking. Every time a visitor shares a post, image, or video, it sends a signal to search engines and helps improve your credibility. Make sure you are in all major social media platforms, and allow your brand to interact with as many followers as possible. You can take this further by advertising local events and offering discounts to residents.

Create local content

The best way to beat your competitor when it comes to local SEO technique is to create quality content that matters to the people in your community. Add keyword optimised landing page content. Ensure the content has your location, services or product, and category. Make sure you also upload material on local listing directories and other relevant sites. This makes it easier for customers to find your services.