Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is an integral element of your website. SEO’s purpose is to increase website traffic in both quality and quantity. Additionally, SEO increases brand exposure through organic or non-paid search engine results. Most businesses value SEO to increase new sales to their business.

An SEO Agency can help business owners get a better grasp of SEO, discussing with them its importance to the success of a website and their business. Being in the company of experienced SEO specialists will help you create a website featuring important SEO elements needed for it to appear in the search results.

The SEO specialist assigned to you will tell you that SEO is not just about appearing in the first or second page of Google, but it is also about the users. For focused SEO, it is important to know what the most commonly used terms and phrases are that users use to perform a search.

Of course, the terms and phrases need to relate to your business, products, services, industry, area, and more. If you have hired a SEO Melbourne agency, they will perform SEO keyword research to provide you with a list of terms and phrases to integrate throughout your website and any content you post on your website such as a blog.

Most SEO companies provide SEO copywriting services as well, so you can look into that if you have not set up a blog yet or have not posted anything due to time constraints on your part. If we still haven’t answered your question on why having an SEO Strategy is important for your website, let’s delve a little deeper.

The Importance of Having an SEO Strategy for Your Website

Even though social media, paid advertising, and other social media platforms are effective mediums to generate traffic for your website, SEO takes the crown for generating the most traffic for your website. In order for SEO to do that, it needs to be set up properly.

For that, you require the expert services of an SEO Agency. The SEO specialist will create a solid SEO plan and execute it properly, so it continues to pay you dividends over time. For instance, let’s look at SEO vs. Advertising.

When you create a blog, containing relevant information and optimised with keywords, Google will rank your blog on its search engine, leading you to receive constant traffic to your website. If you generate traffic for your website through advertising, you will need to continuously fund your advertising campaign to receive traffic.

In the current age of advertising a more cost-effective marketing strategy for most businesses is SEO and other online marketing.  

To execute this channel and pull marketing strategy correctly you need the assistance of a reliable SEO company to perform an SEO Audit of your current website and provide you with a clearer picture on where your website stands in terms of SEO. They will optimise your website for SEO, which allow you to deliver high quality information to Google, allowing the search engine to index and display your content within its search results.

On this note, know that it is important for you to obtain the services of a reliable and experienced SEO Company to help you optimise your website for SEO. Their SEO specialists will be knowledgeable about the dos and don’ts of Google Webmaster. Try to avoid the agencies that have had dales people with aggressive selling tactics and sales targets. Be in tune with the conversation to determine the care factor of the person on the other line. Are they taking a vested interest and time to understand your business and its online goals and sales objectives?

Google Webmaster Rules

4 Rules to Follow

  • Create pages for users, not search engines
  • Do not trick your users
  • Do not use black hat SEO techniques to improve your website’s search engine rankings
  • Consider what makes your website valuable, unique, engaging, and interesting

6 Things Google Penalise you for:

  • Automatically generated content
  • Creating doorway pages to rank well for certain searchers to funnel traffic from search engine to your website
  • Developing pages with little to no original such as plagiarism
  • Hidden links and texts
  • Taking part in link schemes
  • Practicing cloaking, which involves duping search engine crawlers by showing them different content for different visitors

Remember, rule breakers get fined, bumped down in the ranks, lose visitors, and get a bad reputation. Having a “bad boy” persona in the world of Google will only sink your website to the bottom of the search engine results. If you continue to go down this path, Google will take stricter action against your website by banning it for good.

Ring up a SEO Melbourne agency to develop a SEO plan involving SEO Audit and SEO Keyword Research, however we still thought to provide you with even more reasons that define the importance of SEO for your website.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Optimise Your Website for SEO

The following reasons shed light on the importance of optimising your website for SEO:

  • Builds Your Brand

Brand building involves creating content and the feedback of users on your content. You need to develop content that aligns with your target market’s interests and needs. Next, you need to find ways you can earn links to your content from other prominent websites in your industry. Keeping this in mind, you need to invest in SEO keyword research and SEO CopyWriting.

The SEO company will create content and incorporate keywords into it that communicate your business’s brand image. In return, this will help you become a known and established name among your target market.

  • Increases Traffic to Your Website

The primary objective of SEO is to help your website rank better in search engine results. If done properly, it will attract more users to your website in the hopes of the users landing on your website will convert the traffic into paying customers. Since SEO remains one of the best ways to attract traffic to your website if not “the” best, you need to contact a professional SEO Melbourne Agency to work with you in creating a solid SEO plan.

  • Saves You Money on Ads

You save money on ads by not running as much ads on Google because your SEO game is strong. You will not need to buy ad space in any medium, therefore saving money. But that does not mean that ad placement goes out of the window. You will still be buying ad spots, just not as much as before.

For instance, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads is an effective way to generate traffic to your website, as you only pay when a user clicks on your ad and visits your website. The downside to PPC is that when you pause your advertising campaign, Google stops displaying you in the search results.

With a properly executed SEO plan, you will always show up on the search engine results. The websites that show below the search results are not paying any money to do so. Initially, you will have to invest in developing a strong SEO plan, but it will be a worthwhile investment down the line. Remember too that even SEO Campaigns need to be ongoing to keep your competitive advantage over your industry competitors – current and emerging ones.

  • Helps Your Target Audience Find Your Website

SEO paves the way for your target market to find your website. When they search for information, Google and your website is one of the sources that can provide that to them, Google will display your website in the search results. And this is how your target market will find their way to you.

If you sell products and services, you will need to develop keywords that pertain to that, as that is how your target market will find you on Google. To start building a path to your website for your target market, you need to an SEO company to perform an SEO Audit to determine where you currently stand in terms of SEO and on how they can improve it. Keyword discovery or keyword research helps uncover the buying phrases your customers are searching for and identifies the popularity of each of the phrases to help you prioritise your focus within your SEO Campaign strategy.

  • Increases Your Credibility and Authority

You need to build a credible and authoritative image in your industry and among your target market. You want to be the one to provide your target market with the answers to their questions. You can do that by combining your SEO with content creation. You need to create SEO optimised content, containing informative and valuable content. This will help you build trust and credibility among users searching for a product or service that your business provides.

When you publish your content, Google will show your content in its search results to users. Users will click your content to read it, and if they like it, they may decide to share it on their social media platforms. This does not guarantee a sale, as right now, you are just building your credibility and authority.

Gradually, the user may frequent your website to read what you have published and leave without buying anything. But eventually as per many buying cycle processes, they will buy your product or service, as now, they deem you as a trusted and reliable source.

If you feel you need a complimentary discussion to unearth the possibilities SEO can contribute to your business growth, get in touch with an SEO agency ideally in your own city to discuss where you are positioned in your industry and against your competitors. The right agency will have the honest conversation of the prospects ahead for your business growth.