It’s practically difficult to develop an effective marketing strategy in today’s Internet-driven world without taking online channels into account.


As traditional advertising has lost effectiveness over time, consumers increasingly turn to search engines like Google to find companies that can suit their demands. It means that employing SEO, also known as search engine optimisation, to take advantage of search engines is the most efficient approach to getting in touch with them.

Growing your business is challenging, and with so many ineffective flooring marketing tactics available, it can be challenging to determine which marketing strategy to use to increase calls, job bookings, and online client engagement for your flooring company. 

You are aware of how intense the competition is as a flooring contractor. Big-box merchants make it harder to draw in the correct customers due to their name alone, while local rivals compete with you for the top organic rankings.

With the aid of SEO for flooring companies, your company can rank well and appear on the first page of Google and other search engines, generating a steady flow of qualified leads from people in your target market who are specifically looking for the goods and services you offer.

If you’re ready to start generating more leads with SEO today, continue reading to learn more.


What is SEO for Flooring Companies?

The targeted optimisation of a flooring company’s website and Google Business Profile for better search rankings and more organic web traffic is known as SEO (search engine optimisation). Effective SEO aims to draw in organic search users and turn them into paying clients.


How Can SEO Help Your Flooring Company?

Your flooring company website will rank higher in search engine results and acquire a competitive edge over similar sites with an efficient SEO strategy. And even if just having a website might have been sufficient five years ago, that is no longer the case.

For starters, far too many pages are vying for readers’ attention. A fast search for “flooring companies” yields thousands, if not millions, of results. Your website is still up against several hundred others for potential clients, if even a small portion of those pages come from local businesses.

You have a better chance of ranking higher and attracting more of these potential clients and customers if you use SEO. To see a difference in traffic, you must rank on the first page, and the higher you are on the page, the better. 


Why is SEO Important for Flooring Companies?

Your website will rank higher in search engines as a result of SEO. But why is it so important? Yes, having a high ranking brings in more traffic, but there are other ways to increase traffic to your website, such as PPC.

SEO should be a major component of your online marketing strategy because search is becoming an increasingly significant part of the purchasing process. In addition to boosting traffic, it offers:

Give You an Edge Over Your Competitors

Your flooring company website will receive more attention towards the top of the results page because the first few listings receive the majority of search traffic. Searchers for flooring services will therefore see your name first and are more inclined to choose you than one of your lower-ranked rivals.

Provides Higher ROI

While SEO is not free, it is considerably less expensive than conventional techniques like direct mail, radio and newspaper advertisements, and billboards. Additionally, you’ll see a greater return on investment over time because the majority of costs are related to ongoing monitoring and optimisation.

In contrast to conventional techniques, where your adverts stop being displayed to potential customers when you stop paying, SEO grows over time. Therefore, you may use your flooring company’s marketing budget to create a consistent online presence rather than investing it in transient initiatives.

Generates More Qualified Leads

Assumptions are made when choosing your target market for most marketing techniques, which means that your prospects may or may not be interested in new flooring. However, when you search, you immediately connect with those looking for flooring services.

There is a demonstrated interest and a higher chance of a sale when someone uses search engines to search for flooring companies.


Fundamentals of Effective SEO for Flooring Companies

SEO can be subcategorised into these five components: 

  • Local SEO
  • User Experience
  • Keyword Research
  • Content
  • Link building


Flooring companies with high scores across the field have a better chance of succeeding online. We will define these five components in greater detail below.

Local SEO

Local SEO involves using search to target local customers, primarily using Google Business Profile and Google Maps. Google displays a Local Map 3-Pack above organic results for many local keywords. Map Packs draw information from Google Business Profiles based on the following: 

  • Proximity
  • Relevance 
  • Prominence 

User Experience

Although some refer to it as technical SEO, user experience is a more concise term. How do users find your website when they visit? Can they find the information they need? Can they easily get in touch with your company or buy a product there and then? You must provide answers to these queries regarding user experience (UX).

Below are what makes up the user experience:


The user’s experience will mostly determine how well they can browse your website. Because consumers will access your site on various platforms, from mobile to desktop, responsive design is now a crucial component of websites. Users should be able to easily navigate your website and swiftly complete contact form fields on all of their devices.

Site Speed

The Core Vitals upgrade received a lot of attention from the SEO community. However, studies revealed that it had little effect on rankings. Still, one factor that promotes a satisfying user experience is a website that loads quickly. With the help of tools like Google Pagespeed Insights, flooring companies may assess the speed of their websites. WordPress plugins like WPRocket and Imagafy also contribute to faster loading times.

Site Structure

Users will access your website through various pages if your SEO strategy is successful. For instance, a visitor who discovers your website through a blog article will have different demands than one who discovers your page on flooring services. As a result, it is crucial to have a complete site structure that guides visitors via a funnel. Making sure the structure promotes a positive UX is, of course, the first objective.

Keyword Research

The most effective SEO marketing options for flooring companies are found by comprehensive keyword research. One of the many processes in thorough keyword research is measuring search volume. It’s equally important to categorise keywords according to user intent to determine which kind of content asset is most appropriate for the term or phrase.

Keyword Volume

The frequency of monthly searches still determines the ultimate worth of a keyword. For instance, a 220 keyword volume for the term “flooring services” indicates that approximately 220 individuals will search for that phrase each month.

User Intent

User intent frequently distinguishes between an ineffective SEO approach and a powerful one. Your traffic can improve ten times if you give your target keywords a user intent label. For instance, while timber flooring installation tips are intended primarily for informational purposes, timber flooring installation clearly has a buyer objective.

Keyword Mapping

Organising your keywords into topics and subtopics is critical, then linking those topics to the relevant pages and posts. Avoiding keyword cannibalisation, which occurs when different pages target the same phrase, is a good idea. Instead, aggregate related keywords to rank for related terms on a single page.


You need to publish high-quality content on your website in order to rank for keywords. For flooring companies, on-page content usually entails writing a blog post or a service page. A service page is typically shorter than a blog article, which frequently has more than 1,500 words.

Service Pages

Your local content strategy’s backbone is to use service pages to rank for keywords with high buyer intent and turn traffic into leads. A service page should contain several calls to action encouraging visitors to get in touch with your flooring company and should be between 600 and 900 words long.

Blog Posts

Although publishing solely service pages would be good; many keywords suggest informational intent. You must publish in-depth blog posts on a subject or issue to rank for these keywords. Most high-ranking blog entries are longer than 1,500 words and contain visual components like photos, infographics, and videos.

Social Content

The most crucial factor is website content because it directly affects organic rankings. You must also have content to fill your external profiles, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Google Business Profile. Creating videos of your products or shops and posting them on social media is a terrific way to attract customers.

Link building

Because Google expressly forbids link building in most situations, link building is the element of SEO that causes the most confusion. For instance, it is against Google’s policy to try to influence another website’s inclusion of your website URL. There are safe techniques to promote backlinks without running the danger of a manual penalty, yet links continue to be an important ranking component.

NoFollow Links

Nofollow link building is conceivably the most secure method of link building. It is marked as nofollow links since Google both anticipates and promotes companies linking to their website from social profiles and business citations. They do not serve as a recommendation, only a ranking clue.

Linkable Assets

The greatest method to get the natural links Google wants is to produce engaging long-form content. Major magazines might link to a data-driven story about timber flooring costs, styles, and colours, for instance, from their websites. You will consequently see a big improvement in ranks.

Link Outreach

Although link outreach clearly contravenes Google’s policies, numerous websites nonetheless do it without suffering repercussions. Emailing website owners and requesting a link placement or a guest post are examples of outreach. Even though it’s a rare event, you can face punishment if you engage in this conduct.


Start Using SEO for Your Flooring Company Today!

A floor is obviously a crucial structural component; it can complete a space with the proper texture and design. SEO for flooring companies functions similarly. The rest of your marketing approach will work better if your website is simple to find in search engines.

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