Have you ever wondered how websites get the traffic they desire? Or how they bring a myriad of visitors into staying on their pages? Pursuing the best type of leads is the answer, and there are a couple you might want to get acquainted with before you go picking one that’s perfect for your brand.

A sales and marketing lead can take the form of an individual or a business organisation with the intentions of purchasing your products or services. At its basic, they are potential customers who meet your customer profile. Leads are also those who have reached out and shown some interest in the services you offer on your website.

It isn’t just about putting up an attractive website; a successful generation of sales leads is often the result of either a well-planned SEO or through paid traffic, AdWords. This is a major dilemma that many website owners have, since both have their pros and cons, but with one common goal–to get potential customers.

As someone who is running a website, you must be wise enough to not rush things. It’s truly exciting to finally attract your target audience and get the traffic your site deserves. However, thousands or millions of clicks don’t just happen overnight, unless you’ve done something revolutionary that shook the entire world. Your challenge is to make the right decision, a decision that does not put your money to waste.

Gaining knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of different lead generation methods is something business owners must passionately do. From the definition to the solutions they provide, understanding everything about it will give you an edge when it comes to putting your site on the top ranks.


What is the difference between SEO leads and AdWords leads?

Digital marketing can be done in numerous forms, but they all have a common aim–getting more traffic and leads. This is why a lot of business owners are slowly trying out everything to know which method is the most effective. Well, knowing the two most well-known terms (SEO and Google AdWords) might help narrow down the options.

To make it simple, SEO is unpaid and organic traffic. AdWords, on the other hand, has always been a paid one. Whichever of these two methods you go for, remember that you can benefit from them both, depending on your consumer base and and your brand offerings. Learn the most significant points about these two common lead generation methods first, so you will know which one is suitable for your business.


What do I get from SEO services and how fast does it take effect?

Every agency that offers SEO services has their own approach when it comes to creating effective strategies. For the most part, it depends on the clients and their services because not all methodologies work for every website. An SEO agency must study your services, target audience, and overall business to figure out how to organically bring visitors in. 

Naturally, SEO takes time, and it does not even guarantee 100% success since it’s dependent on so many things such as your content, products, web design, and other small details. Alongside these, extensive research has to be done to identify the keywords that are relevant to your business or industry. This ultimately helps agencies come up with strategies that help your website become visible on Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s first pages.

An SEO service provider does not promise to carry your website to the very first page and initial result. The whole thing simply isn’t predictable because your brand isn’t the only one optimising your website. Bigger and older websites are there as well, the ones who know the game better. Not to mention, you’ll also be dealing with new competitors, making lead generation more challenging. Ultimately, you need to take your time in choosing the best agency that caters to all your SEO needs, so it will be easier to make changes if anything goes wrong.

How can Google AdWords benefit my business?

Did it ever cross your mind how other services or sites are always on top of the list when you search for specific products or packages? You might also notice there’s an “ad” indicator below each of those results. Well, the answer is simple; they are paying Google to do this for them.

Through Google AdWords, marketers can reach their audience almost instantly. It is an advertising service that Google developed to help website owners advertise their services without waiting a long time for them to be recognised and generate leads.

Note that this lead generation method comes with a price, though. The average cost per click is typically between $1 and $2 but the ones reaching up to $50 per click aren’t unheard of. Worth noting that this price mostly depends on the keywords used. Highly competitive keywords are more expensive since they usually have high customer lifetime values. Nonetheless, it is worth it since it easily grants you the results you need to attract customers and potential ones.

Right now, numerous websites enjoy the benefits of Google AdWords, but there are still some disadvantages to remember. Increasing your online presence using Google’s advertising service remains to be challenging because you need to have time, manpower, creativity, and most of all, money. If these resources are not ready, then don’t even think about taking this route. It could backfire you and might lead your business to its early closure.


Types of Leads You Can Generate

Once you have successfully chosen your preferred lead generation method, you must then proceed to learning the types of leads you’re going to encounter. Knowing different prospect types will help you understand how consumers behave and when they are going to consider buying your products or services. There are three that you might want to jot down:

Hot Leads – These prospects are highly interested in what you offer. They’re generally sure to convert and will likely give you the traffic and profit your business deserves. (The challenge you have is to maintain their loyalty.)

Warm Leads – These leads are those who already have knowledge of your company’s existence but are not sure about availing your services. They are hesitant for a couple of valid reasons; it could be the content, pricing, website user experience, or the general lack of details about your brand or its offerings. You need to work on improving your site to make sure these prospects are enticed enough to become purchasing customers.

Cold Leads – A cold lead is someone who doesn’t or probably know a little about your business. They are basically potential customers, but are basically difficult to nurture. However, cold leads are easier to generate and find because they can be any individual that fits within your customer profile.


Other Ways to Generate Leads

Aside from the two most effective methods mentioned, there are still other things you can try to get potential customers. Generating leads is easy for some companies because they stick to traditional and simple solutions. Here are examples:

Display Ads

Putting ads on different media is still effective and is being done by many companies today. There are websites that offer these services and will surely help in getting your ads on national TV. This works for specific niches. Your only challenge is to choose the right lead generation channels and come up with a strong call to action. Viewers are likely to be convinced this way.

Email Marketing

This is another common way to generate leads since it’s easier and doesn’t cost much. Cold email campaigns are done by many companies to hunt new customers, but setting it up is not easy. You need to have the right template to make sure the email doesn’t look like something that deserves to be in the spam section. Using brief but concise phrases in the opening paragraph usually works when you are contacting your lead. Email marketing doesn’t really have a good image when it comes to lead generation, but it produces satisfying results when done right.

Social Media

One of the most powerful methods to advertise your services and generate tons of leads is through social media. What could go wrong? Social media platforms are free. You only pay if you need to boost a post, but the competition is tough. It’s not enough to just mainly rely on your social media pages to generate leads. If it’s done incorrectly, you’ll be waiting a long time for your posts to be noticed unless you have the budget to regularly boost your posts. Of course, you need to compose your content properly and ascertain the message is on point. Cold and warm leads are lured through attractive, humorous, and informative advertisements. Basically, you’ll still need a bit of resources and a social media savvy.

Invest in Professionals!

Whatever strategy you decide to pursue, it is important that you hire professionals that get the job done in your stead. There are those who think they can handle the lead generation work on their own, but mostly lack the drive to consistently do the legwork. Keep in mind, you are not the only businessman who has a dream of ranking up in the biggest search engines. Ramp up your efforts, gather all the necessary resources, and you’ll gradually build and market your site the right way.

To start, you can hire an SEO agency to give you a package that’s perfect for improving your site’s overall SEO performance. Project managers, content writers, content marketers, and quality control experts are all part of that company, which means your website’s content will definitely have excellent quality.

Another service you need is web design. Uploading content and using the right keywords may not be sufficient in making your website better. You need a website that has an interactive design and interface, so the leads will stay longer and explore it. If you invest in the right approach, you will be sure to get an in the long-term.

Do you wish to generate more leads but don’t know where and how to start? Call 1300 881 911 to have a proper discussion. Here at TopRankings, we help business owners generate new business leads. Don’t hesitate to consider our services if you’re not getting the desired outcomes from your current agency.