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A research study conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) revealed that there has been a considerable boost in the number of registered dental practitioners in Australia, with the largest group of dental specialists being orthodontists. This might just give you an idea about how competitive the dental industry, specifically orthodontics is.

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SEO for Orthodontists

Why choose TopRankings?

Everyone experiences dental issues at some point and needs to visit a dentist. However, many orthodontists still lack business growth mainly because their audience isn’t aware of their practice.

If you want prospective clients to discover your orthodontics practice, you must reach them at the precise moment of when they need you, particularly when they are browsing the web in search of orthodontic services. This is where Search Engine Optimisation or SEO comes into action.

A huge number of orthodontists now rely on digital marketing and SEO to create awareness about their practice and generate business by gaining more clients. There has been a huge switch from conventional and traditional marketing methods such as newspaper or TV ads to digital methods such as online ads and SEO-optimised websites.

The main factor behind this enormous change is the digital revolution that has entirely changed the landscape of the world. The number of people using the internet now is higher than it has been in the past. Maintaining an online presence in such a situation is vital for a business to survive and open itself up to clients from all over the globe. While thousands and maybe even millions of people visit orthodontists in Australian, with the number of registered orthodontists, you need to make yourself known so that your clients can reach you!

The days of using a phone index to search for an orthodontist are long gone. In today’s digital era, finding an orthodontist is as simple as opening a search engine and typing ‘Orthodontist in xxx area,’ and VOILA! You get a list of hundreds of orthodontists around you. However, clients who search online for businesses narrow down their choices to the initial few listings in the search results, and the ranking of these results depends mainly on your website’s SEO.

Want your orthodontic practice to make it to the top listings of the search results of popular search engines, such are Google, Yahoo!, and Bing? Here are a few ways to make sure that your orthodontist website ranks higher than your competitors:

  • Prioritise SEO
  • Build/Develop an easy-to-navigate website
  • Develop engaging content to attract attention
  • Perform on-page SEO
  • Focus your content on orthodontics and the dental industry
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Digital Marketing for Orthodontist

Here’s how Google can help you grow.

Have you tried marketing and promoting your practice through conventional marketing methods, but haven’t achieved results? Well, you’re not alone!

The reason behind the failure or reduced success of conventional marketing methods is that most people have grown quite weary of these mediums and consider them as boring. So, naturally, they lose attention when going through them. Users now prefer more captivating and easy-to-use mediums where they not only receive a constant influx of engaging content, but can also instantly get in contact with a business.

Wondering where you should spend your marketing budget while getting guaranteed results? You’ve come to just the right place! Boost your orthodontist SEO by employing the best digital marketing techniques that adhere to the objectives of your business!
If you’re considering whether you should invest in digital marketing services for your cleaning business even with a good number of clients coming your way, the answer is – YES!

Statistics show that almost 90% of people rely on search engines to search for a local business that will cater to their needs.

There’s a huge chance that your potential clients will be doing the same! Therefore, it is imperative that you get started on growing the presence of your business on digital platforms to get closer to your potential clients.

By answering ‘yes’to any of the following questions, you will be attesting to the fact that the digital marketing efforts of your business need an immediate boost.

  • Do I want to be one of the top orthodontists in my area?
  • Do I need a uniquely tailored marketing strategy that will help promote my business properly?
  • Do I need a more loyal client base who will stick around for a longtime?
  • Do I want to improve my visibility on search engines while managing other tasks?
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The Ultimate SEO Agency for Orthodontists

The competitive edge, growth & sustainable leads you’ve been searching for.

Want to make your business stand out amongst hundreds and thousands of similar businesses? Improve the online presence of your company and boost its awareness and reputation by hiring a unique SEO agency. Not only do we understand and specialise in your niche, but we also develop carefully-tailored marketing strategies and ideas to help promote your orthodontic practice to give an edge amongst other orthodontists.

TopRankings is Australia’s leading SEO agency based in Melbourne. We offer thousands of Australian businesses internet marketing and SEO services to achieve online recognition and success within minimal time. Our customised SEO strategies for businesses have proven to be quite successful for many other businesses, including ours!

We specialise in improving the SEO and return on investment (ROI) of your orthodontic business. The trust that our existing clients have invested in us is a clear depiction of our capabilities that further motivates us to deliver new and improved results every day!

Not only to we help optimise your conversion rate by attracting potential clients for your business, but we also increase your client retention by engaging them through exceptional copywriting skills.Here at TopRankings, we know the importance of developing compelling content that is not only engaging, but is also optimised for the most important search engines. Don’t worry if you lack the resources to enhance your on-site content, TopRankings SEO Agency can also manage this for you!

Why is Internet Marketing Crucial for Orthodontists’ Growth?

SEO for Orthodontistsfocuses entirely on effective digital marketing. However, there are also many other aspects that can improve the credibility of your business, which are important to understand.

Digital marketing is a very broad term that comprises various marketing strategies that are used by digital mediums for the promotion of content. Internet marketing is a subset that falls under the broad umbrella of digital marketing. It is limited to using the internet for promotional efforts that targets only internet users.

Orthodontist internet marketing offers your orthodontic practice the opportunity to come in contact with potential clients that are desperately searching for orthodontists in their area. Most internet users that are browsing the internet, don’t go further than the first page of search results on search engines when searching for something they need. Hence, it is vital for you to focus on improving your SEO to boost your search ranking, and make it to the first page of the search results. This will keep you from missing out on gaining more potential clients.

Orthodontist SEO Services

Why Choose TopRankings to Enhance Your SEO Rankings

Orthodontists are frequently visited by people; it is one of the most basic service provider professions’. This is why you need to make your orthodontic practice standout amongst thousands of other businesses that provide the same service. Our highly experienced TopRankings’team is an expert at doing that! We know and understand our customer psyche and our way around marketing, which helps us tailor effective promotional messages to grab customer attention.

We have employed SEO for our own business website to make it appear in the top search results of all search engines. If we can pull this off for our business, we can certainly make it happen for you! We are there for you every step of the way to make all your marketing wishes come true. Whether marketing tactics or strategies, we create a foolproof plan to bring your business great results!

Now that you know who we are, what we do, and how we do it, let us walk you through the benefits of using TopRankings’ SEO for Orthodontists:

With digitisation taking over everything, providing quality services isn’t enough for you to gain more clients. It is crucial that your clients can easily find your website in the top searches of search engines. TopRankings optimises your SEO, helping you rank high up in the search results, which gives a guaranteed boost in traffic, and helps you expand your client base.

Once you sign with us, you become our partners. We guarantee complete transparency throughout the course of our relationship. Our team atTopRankings will constantly walk you through the entire marketing plan and process, providing you with monthly performance reports, and periodic campaign performance progress.We will also keep you up-to date with future plans that will help expand your business.

TopRankings monitors your implemented SEO strategies and gives you periodic comparisons to measure that change in your website traffic. We also make sure that your website makes it to the top results of search results, which helps improve your Return on Investment (ROI).

Building and establishing a strong online presence isn’t a piece of cake; it requires a lot of tactics and SEO efforts. Even though we can’t help you get results overnight, we do ensure that your business’ website will be much better off within a few months. Our effectively-implemented SEO tactics help increase your client base and improve your overall profitability.

Here at TopRankings, we understand the importance of having personalised SEO tactics that will suit the individual needs of your business. Therefore, we help build customised SEO plans that apply to orthodontics. You will find relief knowing that we will only take steps and build content that is 100% relevant to your business.

Design or Redesign Your Website with Digital Rescue

Want to give your website a makeover? We can help you do that, too! Digital Rescue is our sister brand with over 10 years of experience in improving website user experience.

An attractive and easy-to-navigate website layout helps improve customer engagement significantly. Digital Rescue has developed a number of websites that have experienced up to 600% increase in online conversions.

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Digital Rescue has a very simple approach that employs 3 main principles to form the stepping stone of success.

Users only prefer using websites that are easy to use and navigate as it makes them feel in-control when browsing. For this purpose, all the features of a website, including the various boxes and options should be simple and easy to use for all users.

Digital Rescue makes sure that your website is suitable and optimised for all digital devices, including laptops, computers, mobile phones, and tablets. This is important because users used different devices to visit your website, and always expect to browse conveniently!

The homepage of a website should make an instant positive impression on its user. Digital Rescue understands that, and ensures that your website is tailored in the most aesthetically-pleasing manner. It ensures that the logo of your business is visibly placed in a place that will make the most impact, and also makes sure that all other features are in perfect alignment for an enhanced customer experience.

Let’s Get Started!

Hand over all your digital marketing woes to our team here at TopRankings. We carefully design and tailor strategic and targeted marketing strategies according to the special needs and goals of your business. We also help you rank higher on all search engines, helping attract more prospective clients to your website, which helps get a better return on investments. Here at TopRankings, our main focus is creating and maintaining your digital media presence so that you have more time and space to focus on other tasks at hand.

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