If your business is undertaking a new project, you need to create a new SEO Strategy to bring to the forefront. Creating an SEO plan is not difficult if you go to the right people to help you create it. Even though you can tackle it yourself, you will have to take time off running your other marketing campaigns to focus on just building your SEO plan, which can be time consuming.

You are better off engaging an SEO Agency for help and guidance on creating an effective SEO plan for your new project. However, it is a good idea to get a basic idea on what goes into developing a proven SEO plan.

What is SEO Strategy?

SEO Strategy is the process of organising the content of the website by topic, which allows search engines such as Google, to understand the intent of the user when performing a search. You need to optimise your page around topics and then perform SEO Keyword Research to find out relevant keywords to include into the page.

Doing this makes the search engine think you are an expert at this and in return, your page will rank well in the search engine results page for long-tail keywords relevant to the topic.

SEO:  Quick Review

When you visit an SEO Melbourne agency to help you create an SEO plan, they will draw up a plan that will include the following:

  • On-page SEO focuses on “on the page” content. SEO specialists will optimise the content of the page to increase the page’s ranking for certain keywords.
  • Off-page SEO focuses on “off the page” content. This include the links that direct users to the page from the search engine. The number of backlinks combined with the number of people who backlink your page will help you gain the trust of search engines. When a search engine can trust you, it will rank you.
  • Technical SEO focuses on the architecture of the website. It examines the website’s backend to determine the technical set up of each page. For instance, Google places emphasis on both the website’s code as well as the content on it, therefore making technical SEO a crucial aspect of a website’s ability to rank on its search engine.

Let’s move on to discussing what an SEO plan for a new project entails.

7 Steps to Plan Your SEO Plan for Your New Project

With the help of an SEO Agency, you need to plan out your SEO plan for your new project. Creating an SEO plan is not difficult if you know what you are doing. If you have contracted the job to a reputable SEO Agency, you have nothing to worry about.

They will create an effective SEO plan for the page you are trying to rank on various search engines, particularly Google. Here is what the SEO plan involves:

  • Create a List of Topics

You need to create a list of topics that you want to cover for each month. You need to perform SEO keyword research to put together a list of ten short terms and phrases related to the new product or service you are trying to rank on the search engine.

You need to use terms and phrases that make sense for your business. As for the topics, come up with topics that relates to commonly used short-tail keywords. However, do not create content centred around a certain keyword.

Since these are popular keywords, it makes them too competitive to use to rank high on the first page of Google. With this being a new project, doing that so early on, is not a good SEO move.

  • Create a List of Long-tail Keywords

You need to optimise your page for 10 long-tail keywords that delve deeper into the original keyword you used to create a topic around. For instance, you will need to create subtopics within the main topic to rank well on Google. 

If you do not do that, you risk creating multiple pages that target the same exact keyword and possibly the same result on the search engine. By diversifying your keywords and topics, different people with different interests will discover your page. 

  • Create Pages for Each Topic

You need to create a page for each topic using long-tail keywords. You have released a new product and you want to rank for it. You will create a topic on the benefits of your product for homeowners and in it, you will have a brief introduction about it followed by its benefits for homeowners. The page you create needs to include appropriate content, pictures, and links to the product or service for your customers and prospects.

  • Create a Link-building Strategy

Your SEO Melbourne agency can assist you create a link-building strategy.The main objective of off-page SEO is link building. You need to develop a strong link-building strategy. Link-building strategy involves attracting inbound links or backlinks to a page of your website from another website on the internet.

Having a good link-building plan in place will increase your authority and will increase the rank of the linked page on search engines. There is more than one way you can attract inbound links to your website. An SEO company can come up with a variety of different ways to attract inbound links to your website. 

Some ways to do it include sharing your links to other businesses in your area and sharing a few blog posts you have written on various social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also reach out to other bloggers and ask to guest blog for them. Additionally, you can create content to current news and events related to your industry. This will give you an opportunity to get a link from an industry influencer or other renowned bloggers in your industry.

  • Compress All Media Before Placing It on the Website

As you attract more visitors to your website, you will have more videos, images, and related media on your website. The more media you have on your website, the slower the loading speed of the page will become.

Even though these visuals can help you retain the attention of visitors to your website, they can also affect your ranking on search engines. This is why you need to compress all the media on your website to prevent this issue from occurring.

By compressing the media files, you are making the smaller and increasing the loading speed of your website. Search engines like Google will not rank your website if the loading speed is slow. If you have a fast loading speed, it will help you rank on the search engine.

If you want to add an image to a blog, you need to look at the file size before you do. If the image is 1 megabyte, you need to use the image compression tool to decrease the file size before you upload the image to your blog. 

There are several tools that you can use to compress image and video files, but if you have several blogs already, you will need to re-upload a compressed version of the image, which can take time. Instead, hand over this job to the experts at the SEO Agency. Since compressing the image may cause you to lose quality, the SEO company will ensure the images it posts on your blogs retain their quality before they post it.

  • Stay Current on New SEO Practices

You need to keep yourself updated on various SEO practices. If a new SEO practice comes about, you need to look at your SEO plan, weigh up its merits and include it in it. If you find a new SEO practice that is not part of your SEO plan, visit the same SEO Melbourne agency that helped you create the SEO plan in the first place. 

Outside of considering a permanent engagement with your SEO, you may also consider revisiting an SEO Company on a routine basis for an SEO Audit. They will analyse your website to determine if your SEO plan needs changes or adjustments made to it, so you can continue to rank with dominance over your industry competitors.  

  • Measure the Success of Your SEO Plan

If you have engaged an SEO company, they will measure the success of your SEO plan to ensure it is on the right track. If it is not, they should be revising it regularly to ensure it gets back on track. Instead of investing in a host of SEO tools that you may be too time poor to review and analyse, simply engage an SEO specialist who has access to every popular and effective SEO tool to give you the results you need to rank on Google.

In summary some things are best delegated to trusted specialists including hiring an SEO agency to take your campaign and help your business and its website dominate against your industry competitors and Google’s ongoing algorithm changes.