Owners of pool fencing companies know how difficult the pool fencing industry can be. To achieve long-term, sustainable business growth, you must consistently attract new customers because running a pool fencing company is hard work with tight margins.

Driving more targeted traffic to the website of your pool fencing company will result in more leads, clients, and, ultimately, sales for your business. Google’s main traffic source is local consumers seeking to hire a pool fencing contractor.

You should consider SEO for pool fencing companies if you want to take advantage of this marketing channel. It is one of the best ways to connect with your target market. It is the process of improving your website’s ranking in search results for keywords associated with your pool fencing company.

In this post, TopRankings, the leading SEO Agency for pool fencing companies, will share more in-depth details on what SEO is and some of the most effective ways to drive more traffic to your pool fence company.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

What is SEO for Pool Fencing Companies?

Online users looking for “pool fencing” are presented with a ranking of websites that can help them with their concerns. Your pool fencing company might rank first and receive the majority of visitors if you implement the right SEO strategies.

Search engine optimisation, or SEO for pool fencing companies, is a marketing strategy that boosts website traffic for your pool fencing company by improving your search engine ranking. You may effectively go up the search results pages by focusing on particular pool fencing-related keywords or phrases. People interact with your website when you offer helpful content, and a search engine like Google is able to detect it and help your ranking as a result.

How Does SEO for Pool Fencing Companies Help Your Business Grow?

You might be unsure if SEO for pool fencing companies is all that important. Perhaps you’ve attempted to boost your SEO rankings in the past, but it didn’t seem to work all that well, or you didn’t feel the need for it.

In the past, if someone needed pool fencing contractors, they usually asked their friends and neighbours for recommendations, checked the Yellow Pages to see who was listed or called a number they saw in an advertisement. These occurrences are less frequent now. Nowadays, when someone asks Google for a recommendation, they won’t even be aware of your existence if Google doesn’t endorse your website.

Do you have to scroll through a few of your competitors when you type in relevant keywords like “pool fencing contractor Melbourne” into Google to locate a reference to your website? Or, even worse, is your URL on the second page of search results when you click through? That’s not ideal because less than 1% of potential customers will click a link on the second search engine results page, and over 70% of clicks go to the top five results (SERP).

All of the organic traffic goes to your competitors utilising pool fencing SEO to their advantage if your website isn’t at the top of search results in response to search terms pertinent to your industry and local area. You’re losing out on a sizable part of potential local clients who can’t find you online since that’s where the great majority of quality leads come from.

It clearly shows how important SEO is to your pool fencing company and how greatly it can impact the growth of your business. So, don’t underestimate the power of SEO and start implementing an effective SEO strategy that will work best for your pool fencing company.

How to Start SEO for Your Pool Fencing Company?

SEO is a fantastic strategy to increase your pool fencing company’s website traffic. You can get more business leads when you increase your website’s traffic. But how will you start your pool fencing company’s SEO campaign?

It’s critical to remember that your fencing business has competition on a local level. Your potential customers will not look for pool fencing companies across the state or the country. They will most likely prefer someone local. 

If you focus your SEO efforts locally it may influence your market more quickly. There are reputable SEO agencies like TopRankings that can assist you with SEO, but there are also several ways for you to start your SEO campaign, which include as follows:

Conduct Keyword Research

People use keywords when conducting online searches to help them find the particular business or services they need.  These keywords enable the search engine results to show your website.

Make a list of keywords related to your company’s pool fencing services. You can create a free Google AdWords account if you have a sizable list.

Don’t worry. You are not required to create an ad campaign. All you need is access to the free Keyword Planner tool. You may enter the keywords in your list to see how much traffic they bring in, and this can give you some more keyword suggestions that you might not have considered previously.

The time has come to choose which keywords to work on. The keywords for your pool fencing company can be divided into two categories:

Buying Intent

These keywords indicate that the potential customer is about to make a purchase. Focus your local SEO effort on buying intent keywords for the quickest results. For instance, someone searching for “pool fence repair Melbourne” presumably wants her fence fixed urgently and is seeking the best company for the job. Ensure your homepage includes such keywords and centre your Services pages on them.

Research Intent

Keywords with a research intent indicate that the prospect is interested in pool fences but is only browsing at the moment. For instance, someone looking for “pool fence designs” might daydream about a future undertaking. Although you should give these keywords less importance, don’t completely disregard them. A wonderful method to present your company to people who could buy later is through blogs and FAQs that concentrate on research keywords.
Keyword Optimisation

Once you’ve decided which keywords to target, you need to optimise them for both your website and your Google My Business page. Here’s how:

Google My Business

Your Google My Business page is displayed in the “Map” portion of Google listings for local businesses. With the help of this mini-site, you may attract new clients and strengthen your online profile. Additionally, it can instantly improve your rankings because a Google My Business page normally ranks higher in Google than a website.

Make sure your Google My Business page is completely and clearly filled out if you want to maximise it. You’ll need the following:

  • Verification – You must claim your page and complete Google’s quick verification process before doing anything else. When you see a checkmark and the term “Verified” next to your company’s name, this is completed.
  • NAP – Your company name, address, and phone number must match exactly on your page and throughout all online listings. Ensure to utilise a local phone number to indicate that your company is local.
  • Categories – According to Google’s guidelines, your categories list should define your company’s identity rather than its services. Examples of pool fence companies might be Fence Contractor and Fence Supply Store. You can also list any additional services you offer.
  • Description – This is an overview of your pool fencing company in 100 to 200 words that concludes with a call to action.
  • Business Hours – Consistency in your service hours across the internet is important. Include that information individually if you provide after-hours emergency repair services.
  • Images – Post a couple of images of completed fences or personnel at work to boost engagement. Make sure your images have a minimum resolution of 720 pixels by 720 pixels, are between 10KB and 5MB in size, and have a clear focus. Additionally, we advise using a branded image in place of the default Google My Business backdrop image.

Website Optimization

The “core pages” of your pool fencing company website are your homepage and service pages, so optimise those first, paying special attention to keywords with a buying intent. Later, you can add some research intent keywords to your “content pages,” such as your blog and FAQs.

Link Building

Link building is a crucial component of SEO. To enhance your SEO effort, you should concentrate on two different types of links.

External Links

External links, also known as backlinks, are links that point to your page from reputable websites. Getting these links is crucial because they raise your SEO ranking.

The credibility and authority of your page are increased when a reputable website links back to it. It informs Google favourably that the information on your page is reliable. To make it easier for more people to find your content, Google will improve your ranks.

Content creation is one of the finest strategies to acquire links. You can invite authoritative websites to review your content after you’ve created it. If they like what they see, they might incorporate your page into their own content as a resource.

By doing this, you can establish a rapport with specific websites and gain access to their backlinks in the future. You may improve your SEO ranking by acquiring as many backlinks as possible.

Internal Links

Internal links are crucial to your SEO campaign’s success. These links are crucial since they encourage visitors to stay on your page longer. By including links on your page, you invite visitors to click on them to learn more about a topic. As a result, people stay on your page longer and gain more knowledge about your pool fencing company.

Use internal links in your posts if you’re doing content marketing. You can use this to point visitors to a contact page, a pricing page, or an informational page. You can persuade your audience to take a certain action, like downloading a guide or calling your company.

Gather Customer Reviews

Reviews can persuade potential customers to test your services and ensure Google that your company is legitimate. Even though all review sites are important, concentrate on gathering reviews for your Google My Business page to improve your Google results immediately. Simply email your pleased customers and request these reviews, including a link to your Google My Business profile. Make sure to do this frequently, and you will soon have a steady flow of reviews.

Ready to Start SEO for Your Pool Fencing Company?

Are you ready to step up your digital marketing efforts? TopRankings has the knowledge, experience, and cutting-edge SEO tools to create a successful SEO plan for a pool fencing company. With less money spent on advertising, we’ll deliver superior outcomes so you can relax and watch your revenue increase.

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