What is the cost of good SEO? When it comes to SEO services, this is perhaps the most often requested question by business owners. Even though the majority of you will disagree, the answer is: It’s complicated.

The average cost of search engine optimisation (SEO) in Australia is not cheap. To reap the benefits of search engine optimisation, any business that wants to enhance its online presence and work with a respectable SEO company must be willing to invest money.

Many low-cost SEO companies charge fixed monthly rates depending on the keyword package services they provide. Custom SEO services are more expensive when compared to lower-quality digital marketing providers, but the investment is well worth it when working with higher-quality digital marketing companies.

Then there’s the fact that every SEO strategy is unique.

All of these factors combine to make answering the question “How much should I pay for SEO?” a very difficult one to determine. But before we go into an SEO price guide, let’s establish some ground rules so that we can understand what kind of budget you’ll be working with, in the first place.

According to recent market research, a solid SEO strategy may take a significant amount of dedicated effort each month, depending on the complexity and industry competition. Simply put, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all SEO strategy.

So, how much do high-quality SEO campaign services in Australia cost? Let’s conduct some further investigation.

Understanding the Difference Between Good SEO and Bad SEO

First, we need to understand what we’re getting for the wildly varied prices of SEO services offered by various companies before we can compare them. However, not all small business owners are well-versed in search engine optimisation. For them, the only thing that matters is the price, which they can compare and contrast.

SEO is a long-term marketing approach that helps you increase your internet presence and exposure over time. According to statistics, websites that appear on the top page of Google get 91.5% of all hits. 

Furthermore, organic traffic has a conversion rate of 14.6%, compared to a 1.7% conversion rate for conventional outbound marketing. The numbers just keep on coming. In a nutshell, SEO places you in front of potential customers, which is valuable in terms of business leads.

You get what you pay for in most situations in life, and this is no exception. The price you spend for SEO services should be proportional to your anticipated objectives and provide a reasonably solid ROI. 

Good SEO vs. Bad SEO

Let’s define what “quality SEO” is before we talk about pricing. Quality SEO is a time-consuming process that involves several different actions.

1. Conducting market research

A reputable SEO company will do extensive research on your business, customers, rivals, goods, industry, and other factors.

2. Search Engine Optimisation Audit

Using an SEO audit, you may discover where your website now stands (in terms of position and traffic) so that you can plan your future strategy and identify which parts of your website require improvement.

3. The Development of a Strategy

Your SEO agency will develop a custom SEO strategy to help you improve your online presence based on the results of the study and competition analysis.

4. Conducting Keyword Research

The effectiveness of any SEO campaign is dependent on the selection of the appropriate keywords. Keywords inform search engines about the subject matter of your website. 

They inform your consumers about the information that is available on your sites. Choosing relevant keywords with high volumes and low competition is essential for your agency’s success; yet, this is easier said than done.

5. Optimisation of the on-page content

Apart from addressing a variety of technical issues that affect page speed, your agency will utilise the keywords to reconstruct your site’s structure, page names, and meta descriptions. They should provide recommendations for ways to lower your bounce rate and increase interaction on your website.

6. Off-page optimisation (also known as off-page optimisation)

On-site SEO is just one part of the equation. To climb to the top of the search results, you must build backlinks, solicit reviews, and post material on high-quality websites and social media platforms, among other things.

7. Content Creation and Development

The last time we checked, the content was still reigning supreme in the world of Internet marketing. Your material must be timely, original, consistent, and of high quality. That will be reviewed by a reputable SEO company and any recommendations are advised.

8. Analytical and reporting capabilities

Quality search engine optimisation is never a gamble. As a consequence, you should get regular updates from your agency regarding the outcomes, allowing you to assess how well your investment is working.

The average cost of SEO in Australia (hourly, monthly, project-based, pay for performance)

In the interest of full disclosure, we’ll state that the typical cost of SEO in Australia is not inexpensive. Every company that wants to improve its online presence and collaborate with a reputable SEO company must be prepared to spend money to enjoy the advantages of search engine optimisation.

Many budget SEO companies charge hourly fees depending on the services they provide. Prices for SEO services are more when compared to lower-quality digital marketing providers, but the investment is well worth it when dealing with better-quality digital marketing companies.

Some consultants work on an hourly basis. This will give you a better idea of how much time SEO experts will devote to your campaign as a result of this. However, since large-scale SEO initiatives take longer to complete than you would anticipate, this is not a realistic measure. Paying by the hour may end up costing your company much more than you anticipated.

Paying SEO providers monthly is recommended by the majority of industry professionals. When you purchase a monthly package, the pricing, conditions, and deadlines are generally set. 

Having the time and bandwidth to sit back and relax as your organic traffic steadily grows is a great way to spend your time. Most SEO per month packages range in price. Larger search engine optimisation and marketing agencies often charge on a per-month basis. 

You’ll agree to pay a set fee for the services of an agency that will maintain your website’s search engine optimisation efforts on an ongoing basis. Monthly SEO packages frequently include a specific set of services, such as keyword research, competitor research, SEO content writing, technical audits, content marketing audits, link building, digital PR, ongoing SEO and technical consultation, as well as reporting insights.

Some agencies, on the other hand, enable you to create a custom plan with a predetermined monthly fee. And as a rule of thumb, any SEO per month service should be approached with care. 

Contracts are required for project-based work in the same way that monthly fees are, though they are somewhat more adjustable. These kinds of SEO projects may also be challenging since the service provider has little control over how long a customer will remain with them. 

In this kind of offer, you enter into a contract with the SEO company in exchange for the achievement of a certain objective or result in the search engine results pages. If you want to proceed with this approach, you will not be charged until the desired result has been achieved. 

Since certain keyword objectives are more easily achieved than others, price is dynamic and depends on the competitiveness of a particular term. Regarding this model, you will need to consult with your SEO provider in detail before proceeding. 

However, if you have a thorough understanding of the typical SEO cost in Australia, you will be able to negotiate rates properly.

You may also get further assistance or guidance from SEO professionals to create an accurate estimate of how much SEO will cost you. This will be particularly beneficial for small companies, since receiving guidance on how to locate cheap but high-quality SEO can help you develop while also saving money.

A Common Misconception When Investing in SEO Agencies

Does your investment in SEO still qualify as an expenditure in your eyes? The reality is that solid SEO pays for itself many times over in terms of returns. However, this is not something that happens overnight. You’ll have to wait before you see any noticeable changes. If you want results as soon as possible, pay-per-click (PPC) or AdWords advertising may be the best option for you.

SEO, in its totality, is a process that includes several actions (just as we outlined) but together becomes the foundation of effective SEO. These tasks, which are carried out by experts, require time and money. When you include the cost of customer service and overheads, it becomes clear why excellent SEO may not be the most affordable option available.

Why is it difficult to determine the typical SEO cost?

Understanding the typical cost of SEO in Australia may be difficult because there are many types of SEO and at least three distinct pricing models that are commonly used. It’s also difficult to provide a one-size-fits-all estimate for the typical cost of SEO services since there are so many variables to consider and reputable SEO providers should outline a custom price structure for your industry.

Your website’s overall size is measured in pixels

It will take much more time to maintain a new site with thousands of articles posted and an e-commerce shop with hundreds of product pages than it would take to maintain a website with just 10-15 pages.

Your ambitions

Some websites simply need the completion of fundamental structural rearrangements, while other SEO campaigns necessitate the expenditure of additional spend like polished SEO copywriting to accomplish a results-driven objective.

You work in a certain industry

Some sectors are more competitive than others, resulting in a higher cost per keyword for SEO in such industries, as well as a higher overall cost for SEO in those industries.

The quality of the service

When it comes to SEO, certain models are intended to be set and forget, where you have someone who handles the entire campaign for you. Other models include a la carte, in which you buy a package that fits into your overall marketing strategy rather than investing in a full, well-rounded campaign. 

Some SEO companies charge a fee based on the number of keywords that are targeted. The price of a keyword increases in direct proportion to how competitive the term is.

What it’s like to work with a low-cost SEO company

However, we do not rule out the possibility of finding low-cost SEO services. Yes, they do exist. There are many companies across Australia that provide SEO services on a month-to-month basis.

Because some businesses have a reputation for doing substandard work, always check Google reviews. Find out if they engage in black hat SEO tactics that you should avoid. Remember, you need to be aware that your chosen agency doesn’t do these practices:

Sub-par keywords

The keywords you employ in your campaign are the lifeblood of your SEO campaign’s success. After all, keywords are the ones that allow consumers to discover you on search engines. 

Companies that provide low-cost SEO services often recommend keywords for you, but these are not always the keywords that are most relevant to your goods, services, or sector. 

Because these businesses provide their solutions at a low cost, which is lower than the typical SEO cost, they do not put much effort into keyword research, resulting in sub-par outcomes for their customers.

Keywords stuffing

Many low-cost SEO companies provide material that is densely packed with keywords, resulting in Google penalising their clients’ websites. Keyword stuffing is an ancient SEO technique that dates back to the early days of the industry and Google algorithms are continuously evolving. 

This out-of-date approach will only serve to penalise your website and push it farther down the search engine results page rankings list.

Article spinning

Untrustworthy businesses who provide services at a lower cost than the average cost of SEO in Australia make use of a spinner, which is software that scrapes high-ranking content from famous websites and rewrites them. 

The spinner then flips the word arrangements of the articles just enough to ensure that they pass plagiarism tests. As a consequence, you end up with a slew of poorly written articles that don’t make grammatical sense.

Bounce rate increases as a result of poorly written content, which not only reduces your search engine ranking but also gives users a bad browsing experience.

Invisible text

The content on your website may become illegible because of the use of low-cost SEO services, or relevant information and keywords may be hidden. Other times, they will alter the body of a text to be the same colour as the backdrop of your website.

It is possible that Google may not notice your site right away, but once the spiders do, your site will be severely penalized.

Be Aware

You’re probably aware that SEO is a significant and worthwhile investment—you’re paying for well-researched keywords, great content, and site structure improvements, among other things. 

The typical SEO cost in Australia should always be used as a starting point when determining if a low-cost monthly plan is worthwhile or whether you’re squandering your money on a strategy that isn’t producing results for your organization.

The Wise Way to Invest in SEO

Before beginning to invest in SEO services, you should first establish and finalise your budget. The cost of SEO in Australia is standardised, however, packages are still priced individually based on your specific requirements. There are a few things you’ll need to think about, including:

Your existing rankings

It’s important to have a realistic evaluation of where you are right now to establish your future objectives for your website’s development. Do you already have a list of keywords in mind for which you wish to rank high in search results? Have you tried searching for these terms on Google? 

Have you gotten to the top of Google’s first page for your targeted keywords? If you answered no to one or more of the questions, you can expect a longer SEO journey ahead of you. 

You’ll almost certainly wind up spending more money than other companies who have been doing SEO for a lengthy period as well.

Your goals

Develop measurable objectives for your company before working with an SEO company to achieve them. 

Set a goal for your website, whether it’s increasing its popularity for long-term search terms (which is less costly) or making it to the top page of Google for highly competitive keywords (which is more expensive). This will help you budget your SEO expenditure more efficiently.

Your timeline

Success on the internet does not come quickly. A typical SEO project may take anywhere between three to six to twelve months or more to provide the desired or anticipated return on investment. It may vary significantly due to a range of industry factors. 

Also, bear in mind that many of your biggest rivals have most likely been investing in SEO for many years at this point as well. You’ll need to establish realistic expectations, allocate a budget based on long-term objectives, and search for a reputable SEO service provider to invest in.

Key Takeaways

In the end, the price you spend will be determined by the objectives you establish for your SEO strategy as well as the expected return on investment. Although it is still beneficial to evaluate an agency’s package or SEO per month price concerning the typical SEO cost in Australia, this isn’t a straightforward process.

We understand that there will never be a definite cost for SEO in Australia, but we hope that our advice will assist you in planning your expenditures and narrowing down your possible spending. 

Just remember to take a step back and see SEO as the long-term plan that it is. Only when you do this will you be able to see the most return on your investment with the SEO company you chose to work with.

Searching for a Melbourne SEO agency to partner up with shouldn’t take too long, though. When in doubt, keep in mind that TopRankings have been providing custom, strategic, and solid search engine optimisation services for clients in various industries. Speak with us to know how we can help your brand succeed in the digital arena.