A good number of visitors to your site are interested in your products or services. They are only waiting to see the best deals or be convinced to make the purchase. Conversion isn’t simply about making a sale. It’s also about starting a conversation. You need to reassure visitors that they’ve come to the right place. How do you turn site visitors into buyers?

Find out where your visitors are looking

Often a pattern will emerge in the way they browse and click on your site. Are certain catalogues more popular than others? Do they spend time viewing your portfolio? What about your customer reviews and testimonials? These “hot spots” on your site will give you a clue as to which pages are useful in convincing your visitors to buy.

Provide useful information

Customers appreciate a page that goes beyond a sales pitch. They most likely have questions about a product or service. If your site offers them the right answers, then they will learn to trust your brand.

Be bold

Offer newcomers “Limited Edition” and “Special Edition” products. Be sure to introduce “New” and “Most Popular” items from the first instance they land on your site. This way, visitors who are in a hurry to find an item or sign up for a service will spot the best offer and click right away.

Talk about your brand

The more curious visitors will spend time browsing through customer reviews and — yes — even your “About Us” page. Talking about the story behind your company, especially how and why you want to serve your customers, will inspire them. This is also the reason companies with a good history are almost always seen as trustworthy.

Deliver your message consistently

Telling a story isn’t the only ingredient to good online reputation. Your message should extend to the quality of your products and services. Some brands will have a great marketing pitch but fail to prove their worth in the actual sale. The point is to convey your message consistently and deliver on your promise.

Have a heart for the customer

A newcomer to your site will remember your brand and convert if you guarantee good customer service right from the start. Take interest in their needs even as they are just learning about your brand. Send a personalized thank-you email or even offer a money-back guarantee. You will soon find how conversions from newcomers translate into customer loyalty.

Make the buying or sign-up process simple

People appreciate it when they spend the least amount of time and effort in getting things done. Make sure your site loads fast and your information is available for the customer to click through and convert without any hassle.

Keep the competition in mind

Other brands will do everything to snap up visitors to your site. Always be ready to innovate where your rivals lag behind. A good way to stay ahead is to make sure your visitors have an incentive to come back, whether it’s through discounts or freebies. This way, they won’t have any reason to foray into another site.

Get social

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat have made it easy for social media users to click through and visit your site. They are a good source of traffic. Make sure your social media profiles speak to newcomers who want to know more about your brand.

Talk to your community

In the digital age, having a good set of loyal customers who are eager and willing to talk about your brand online will lead even more newcomers to visit your site. Building on that trust is crucial for you to turn browsing visitors into paying customers.