SEO Starter Service.

To demonstrate the potential long-term benefits of a comprehensive SEO Melbourne Campaign, we offer our “SEO Starter” service. This service provides your company with a low-risk entry and exposure toward search engine optimisation for a fixed one-off investment.

Since 2007, TopRankings has represented clients across a very widespread, from small to medium businesses through to some of Australia’s leading and respected brands. Often before they engage us, the initial conversations commence with a reflection of the dismal journey experienced with other SEO Melbourne and national agencies. Too often we have seen prominent search engine optimisation companies that too heavy focus on link building, and completely ignore many of the foundation steps that are very well documented by Google as being essentials of good SEO Packages. Many of these factors include content and not just any content, but content that is a direct reflection of the websites service offering and a close enough reflection of the very search query that prospective buyers are Googling. Keyword rich headings are the first step before then evaluating how much content is required for any given page.

Too often clients are steering clear of a content heavy website on the basis that if the website is too content rich, it risks looking too wordy for visitors to enjoy. Our feedback and proven case studies demonstrate that the right balance design can accommodate for human beings and Google, but with little or irrelevant content, no one will even find the website to even have the opportunity to engage your business. This is where the SEO Starter service by TopRankings not only provides the initial boost to your website. It creates a healthy ‘education piece’ conversation with your business about what it takes to succeed against your competitors.

3 Step Process

  • Step

    Capture: Reporting on where your chosen keywords rank in Google, our team evaluate your website and offer findings in a clear and concise manner.

  • Step

    Apply: Using proven tools our team detect and repair errors, broken links, missing titles and description tags ensuring Google indexes your website favourably.

  • Step

    Report: Detailed ‘before and after’ SEO Reports help demonstrate the traction achieved in both rankings and traffic prior to and post our engagement.

  • 4000+ Websites Audited


    Websites Audited

  • 600% Conversion Rate Increase


    Conversion Rate Increase

  • 5+ Years Average Client Loyalty


    Years Average Client Loyalty

  • 10+ Years of Search Experience


    Years of Search Experience

Our ‘SEO Starter’ is suitable for:

  • Newly launched company websites
  • Companies seeking to ‘test the waters’ of SEO and gain initial traction.
  • Web Agencies who wish to include TopRankings SEO Melbourne best practices for their clients websites.