SEO Migration Service

Protect Your Rankings

Websites inevitably require a redesign every few years. Decisions are driven by a brand fresh, an enhanced user experience, a differing service offering, or a shift in a company’s positioning against its competitors. SEO Migration is a critical ‘insurance policy’ service when redesigning a website with strong rankings to protect. Relaunching your site without this service, results in a rankings dive, and is a sales leads business risk. Our SEO Migration Service is your website redesign insurance policy. Its a critical project management engagement for your business in order to protect historically hard earned organic rankings that are typically at risk of plummeting during a website redesign. Our SEO Migration Service for Websites acts to minimise this impact ensuring your sales leads from organic traffic does not come to a complete hault.

The Risks

The greatest unidentified risks by companies and their respective design agencies, is that several changes made to a website has a direct negative impact on hard earned organic traffic attained to date.

The Changes

Changes to the code of a website by moving it to a new hosting platform.
Moving a website to a new content management system.
Re-arranging or re-categorising content and product pages.
Change of domain name

SEO Migration is so critical we often wonder why more Website Agencies don’t offer this service.

The Rewards

Through a comprehensive level of planning, our SEO Migration strategy and implementation ensures our clients redesign occurs with minimal ranking losses and risk. We benchmark your new website’s performance on the previous version and clean up any issues present, so your online visibility, traffic, conversions and sales remain consistent and protected. Protect your rankings with our SEO Migration Service by Contacting Us today before you proceed with your redesign project. Call 1300 881 911.

Pre-Migration SEO Audit

  • Step

    New Website Design Analysis: Proper content migration Headings and content positioning Old vs new design comparison Other recommendations.

  • Step

    New Website Staging Location Analysis: Check URL structure Create redirect map Check if all content is migrated Code is accurate.

  • Step

    Analyse how rankings and organic traffic reacted: Check redirect map implementation, organic traffic landing pages, SERP snippets.

  • 4000+ Websites Audited


    Websites Audited

  • 600% Conversion Rate Increase


    Conversion Rate Increase

  • 5+ Years Average Client Loyalty


    Years Average Client Loyalty

  • 10+ Years of Search Experience


    Years of Search Experience

Take Proactive Action

If your business has rankings to protect and is in the process of redesigning or relaunching your website, be sure to consult with our team ASAP to help protect your hard earned rankings and business leads. Simply register your details via our enquiry form or call now on 1300 881 911.