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A garage door company is called for when a garage door needs to be installed, replaced, or repaired. To look for the best garage door manufacturer, customers prefer to take the internet’s help.

Before looking elsewhere, the majority of people first search online for garage door companies or dealers in their locality. Given this, having a strong online presence is crucial for all garage door businesses out there. This is where the importance of SEO for garage doors arises. SEO for garage doors can help you attain new customers in next to no time.

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SEO for Garage Door Company

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If you are new to the concept of search engine optimisation and are eager to learn what it is and how it can be beneficial for your garage door company, you have come to the right place. Here we will cover what SEO for garage doors really is and how you can incorporate it to promote your business online.

With so many marketing options available, you must be wondering why SEO should be the focus of your time and energy. So, here’s the thing – about 75% of searchers never look past the first page of Google results. And it’s the SEO that can help your business to rank on top of Google search results – or any search engine for that matter.

Having your website optimised can ensure organic traffic, as about 93% of all online experiences starts with a search engine. Every day, there are over a million searches, and SEO can be the way to create instant exposure and engagement with your target market.

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Garage door companies should start with technical SEO. By focusing on the technical part, you allow search engines to access all your content. Some of the best technical aspects to consider for improving your garage door SEO are:

Creating an XML sitemap is crucial to allow Google to access all of your important site pages. It’s useful because Google will instantly find all the key pages even if your internal link is poor. It’s super easy to create an XML sitemap. If you use WordPress for your SEO site, you can develop it with Google’s XML sitemap plugin or Yoast SEO plugin.

Including a canonical URL is important to set your website apart from your competitors. You will come across as original and authentic as using the canonical tag will eliminate issues caused by duplicate content on various URLs. You can perform this task using online tools such as Yoast SEO.

Your website speed is a technical aspect you can’t and should not ignore. Online users have no patience for slow websites. If the site takes forever to load, the page visitor will just go back to the search result and click on another site. Additionally, if Google observes people leaving your site within the first few seconds of landing on it, your ranking will drop.

Google’s AMP helps speed up the delivery of content on all electronic devices, especially mobile phones. It does so through a special code known as AMP HTML. Web pages with enabled AMP load super quickly even if it contains images and videos.

Structured data markup is a code that you can add to your site to allow search engines to understand the content of your site. This data will help enhance your ranking on search results through the addition of “rich snippets”.

Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console are free tools from Microsoft and Google, respectively. Registering yourself on these tools allows you to submit your XML sitemap so they can use it to display results from it in search results.

Digital Marketing for Garage Door Company


Here’s how Google can help you grow.

When marketing your garage door business online, you should focus on improving your site so it can rank higher on search engine results. Here’s how you can optimise your site for organic traffic:

This starts with keyword research for your content. You need to research and select keywords that are crucial to your industry. For instance, through your keyword research, you may find that most of your potential clients use “garage door repair”, but many of your competitors may already be targeting this keyword with their SEO strategies. This may leave you wondering how you can stand out from your competitors. What you can do is use a keyword, such as “garage door repair in [your city]”. This will be easier to rank, so you can use this keyword in your content naturally.

When using keywords, make sure to:

  • Use long-tail keywords – for eg garage doors + suburb
  • Use unique keywords
  • Do thorough keyword research first
  • Include keywords naturally into the content
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Your site should also feature valuable content. It should be useful, informative, and engaging enough to be liked and shared across various online platforms. Make it a point to incorporate both internal and external links to your site. This is known as on-page optimisation. When you use high-quality links to your website, Google will mark your information credible and authentic, and you will rank higher on search engine results.

Focus on developing an excellent-quality site. It should be easy to navigate for all types of users. Don’t try to overdo it because it may make the entire website confusing and complicated. Google gives preference to a website that is user-friendly. If you have stuffed your site with unnecessary or over the top features, you won’t get ranked in dominant Google search positions.

While email marketing may not be the newest way of marketing your garage door company, it’s still quite relevant and prevalent in this internet age. Whether you sell, install, repair, or replace garage doors of commercial or/and private properties, you can engage with your potential customers through email. What you can do is ask each of your site visitors to sign up for the newsletter, and this way, you can expand your target market reach.

Google Ads or PPC (pay per click) is another great digital marketing tactic for your garage door company. This will allow you to be found instantly by ads that typically attract buyer ready prospective customers.
The ideal way to attract new customers with Google Ads is with a Google Adwords specialist agency. When managed in expert hands, the campaign delivers a better cost per click, cost per acquisition and ultimately return on investment. Monthly reports help provide transparency over performance and traction in your overall campaign including which phrases drive the most new enquiries from Google Ads as a marketing channel.

Improve your online visibility with local directory citation. Create manual citations so that you appear on local online platforms such as Yelp and Yellow Pages. Providing the right information is key. Your address and phone number(s) should be updated so that prospective customers can contact your business easily.

If you sell garage doors from a physical store, you would want your customers to visit you and shop in person. For that, you will need to let your potential customers know the address, which you can do so by claiming your business on Google My Business listing. Map down the location pin so that online users can easily visit your store through Google Map.

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Whether you have just established your garage door business or it’s been around for a while now, SEO can help your business reach new heights of success. SEO basically helps create a solid online presence, which can do wonders for your business. While SEO for garage doors may sound easy to plan and execute, it can be a bit tricky and complex and it takes time to dominate your competitors if you have no SEO history, however it attracts five times the traffic that Adwords would. Don’t worry if you are not proficient in search engine optimisation for garage door companies.

TopRankings is a specialised SEO agency in Australia that creates highly customised and strategic SEO campaigns for its clients. Equipped with SEO experts and marketers, the agency can provide you with unmatched SEO practices and Adwords Campaigns that enable your Garage Door company to reach its target audience as well as convert mere visitors into long-lasting customers. With Garage Door transaction values in the thousands per new garage installation, embracing digital marketing earlier will serve your business and position it with a time advantage of current and new competitors to the garage door industry.

Simply register your interest by completing our enquiry form above to identify where your business is at in the digital marketing journey and how our team can assist you grow this coming financial year. Alternatively, simply call our team today on 1300 881 911.

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