Google Adwords Campaign; a key inclusion of an overall online marketing strategy.

Google Adwords continues to represent a large component of our client’s overall digital advertising budget. Exposure at the top of Google’s search results page through an expertly managed campaign ensures our clients attract the right qualified traffic and buyers at the lowest cost per click.

Using our custom reporting we’re able to clearly articulate our clients Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Lead (CPL), and ultimately their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Steps to a successful PPC Campaign

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Identifying Goals & Objectives

Our Google Certified Campaign Manager will gain a comprehensive understanding of your overall online marketing objectives, and identify how Adwords can drive tangible commercial benefit to your company.

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Keyword Research

We identify and compile a list of the most popular and commonly searched key phrases for your industry, and guide you through the strategic selection of the right keywords for your business.

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Bid Management & Campaign Strategy

The core focus of bid management is to deploy the right strategy that will deliver the most cost-efficient, measurable and valuable results from your Adwords campaign.

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Ad Copy

Our team implement compelling, best practice, high conversion ad copy to ensure click-worthy ads are driving traffic to your website.

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Ad Launch and Tracking

When your Adwords Campaign is launched, our team monitor it’s performance closely ensuring all aspects of the campaign are functioning correctly.

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Reporting and Refinement

Our team continuously analyse conversion rates and identify gaps ensuring ad spend is invested in phrases showing higher ROI

Current and Past clients include:

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AdWords Client Urban
Visit Brisbane PPC
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AdWords Management for Renovator Store
Sussan PPC Campaign
Priceline AdWords

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