That’s easy: above all, its’ our two decades of proven expertise in creating sustainable leads and untold business growth for our clients that puts TopRankings at the top of the pile. We’re all about conducting straightforward, honest, jargon-free discussions with our clients; being clear about what we find, and precise in the actions we recommend. You won’t find any quick-fix, severely damaging Black Hat SEO tactics here.

What’s more, TopRankings’ trademark Unlimited Keywords campaigns drive more sales encouraging exponential business growth for years to come. It’s because of this unmatched value and ROI that so many of our clients have been with us for 5+ years.

Truly outcome-focused, we offer unequalled experience and unmatched honesty – values that underpin the unrivaled ROI and business growth we offer to our customers. While other providers make grand claims of outcomes that often can’t be substantiated, our proven SEO strategy is strictly data-driven.

We won’t ask you to shift the budget into other channels. Why? Because we offer you real results. To achieve this, we take a deep-dive into your current digital marketplace performance, completing a detailed audit assessment of your current website health. From there, we seek out evidence on which we base our recommendations and actions. Put simply, we take the time to understand your business, placing this knowledge at the core of everything we do.

For two decades straight, it’s been our successful mission to deliver real organic search results to a range of diverse industries.

At TopRankings, we commit to sustained and long-term growth rather than the harmful, short-term fixes offered by other providers. We’ve conducted thousands of extensive diagnostic SEO audits and website reviews for our valued clients. We seek out gaps to fill, improvements to make, and ways to accelerate both your website speed and current marketing campaigns. At this agency, transparency is key. You’ll receive regular and detailed performance progress reports covering the key metrics in play.

Once effective SEO campaigns are put in place, they should start working almost immediately. However, this certainly doesn’t mean instant improvements in results. Timeframes from results are heavily dictated by your traction to-date, the competitive landscape of your industry, chosen terms, and course of action. If, for example, we’re helping you begin your SEO journey from scratch, sustainable results may need between 9-12 month to take effect. However, if your website is hovering on page #2 for some terms, then it’s possible for page #1 results to take shape within the first 90-120 days. Our aim, for all our clients, is to deliver increasingly-rich improvements which translate, over months and then years, into long-term, stable, growth.

Note: any company promising sweeping, immediate results within X no. of days is likely more interested in Black Hat-driven profit than your long-term growth. Such actions can cause an incredible amount of harm to any business with your SEO investment backfiring before your very eyes. We should know; we’ve helped too many companies recover!

eCommerce is a growth area in many industry sectors. You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve helped and delivered excellent results for a range of businesses with an eComm facility, and can do the same for you.

To provide our trademark, custom-fit approach, TopRankings takes a thorough and rigorous approach to auditing the website of every new client. Careful consideration is also given to which clients would be a good fit for TopRankings based on approach, history and the content management system (CMS) in which the website has been built. For many of our eCommerce business clients, the starting point of their SEO journey is an expert assessment of their current website, SEO techniques, and Adwords usage. Because eComm sites can be more complex, this provides us with a comprehensive overview of gaps, fixes and all possible gains.

Yes. But put simply, this disastrous situation needs urgent attention from professionals who truly understand how Google operates.

Sadly, it’s often the case that other agencies or even clients themselves – through a lack of knowledge or experience – can turn to harmful, Black Hat SEO strategies creating short-term gain at long-term expense. The result? Strong sanctions on your search results, implemented by Google. Recovering from these extreme penalties is possible, but requires specific, key actions to be followed. Our TopRankings professionals are skilled in using such techniques as smart as they are Google-friendly. Through a proven link review and clean-up process, TopRankings helps businesses recover from Google penalties, then climb back up the rankings to the position they deserve.

No. Never. To be frank, we could leave the answer there.

While we avoid associating with any business who employs Black Hat tactics by choice, we appreciate that the inadvertent use of such approaches – through a lack of knowledge and understanding – should not prove fatal to your business. In any case, we’ll happily have a discussion with you about best-fit options moving forward. Once you know about Black Hat tactics, you’ll start to see these reflected in the offers made by other SEO agencies – think “guaranteed results with X no. days”. There’ll be none of that here. Your reputation, brand and long-term viability – as well as ours – depends on it.

Almost certainly. Among the fields in which we have gained successful outcomes as proven SEO, Adwords and business growth providers are:

  • Construction and other trades
  • eCommerce Retail
  • Travel
  • Medical, Health and Well-Being
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Registered Training Organisations
  • Property
  • Courier and Transportation
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Printing
  • Solar Energy
  • …and many others

At TopRankings, each client is treated both as an individual and a ‘new-build’. No matter the size of the company – from an Australian multinational to a family-owned-and-operated Australian business – we offer an unmatched level of expertise and commitment to your specific needs and goals. Don’t see your industry listed? You can be sure we’re still able to help. Contact us for more information.

The strategy involved in inbound digital marketing is a key growth-driver for both eCommerce and bricks-and-mortar businesses. Generating leads – especially high-conversion ones – is completely vital for any contemporary business.

Overall, our aim at TopRankings is to quickly connect our clients with active prospects – that is, qualified leads who are ready to be converted into real-time customers. Leads are generated through two main, proven drivers. Firstly, Google Ads. This serves to provide instant leads within the first week of a campaign going live. Secondly, SEO – by contrast – is a longer-term strategy; activating its potential builds an ongoing and increasing business advantage over competitors Optimising the conversion rate can involve the use of deep-dive technologies to provide true data insights. These allow our TopRanking specialists to segment audiences for the delivery of thoroughly precise and effective communications. Such knowledge also helps in the creation of highly responsive websites, delivering an intimate and personalised online experience.

Since 1993, WordPress has built a superb reputation as a responsive content management platform. It’s now used by over 40% of such platforms, with more than 400 million people viewing over 24 billion pages each month. Our custom web development team at sister company Digital Rescue trust WordPress because it offers a platform that is both stable and supremely innovative. And yet, it still offers clients a wonderfully clear interface that anyone can learn to use. What’s more, WordPress is unmatched in its flexibility, scalability and SEO-friendly attitude making it one of Google’s favourites.

Our transparent and communication and hassle-free reporting processes are one of the keys which allows TopRankings to stand ahead of our competitors. We’ve known rivals who only ever deliver good news. Unfortunately, their clients believe everything is going wonderfully until suddenly, it isn’t! Our team delivers open and honest performance reports on the progress of our WordPress site builds, rankings, traffic sources, Adwords, and new enquiries. We assess how effective our actions are, always reflecting on how we can improve your growth. Where results aren’t tracking as expected, we have a frank discussion with you, outlining the options available to your specialist SEO consultants.

Like any commercial business, we allocate time and resources based on your allocated budget. However, the key here is that we spend our time particularly wisely. Firstly, we take the time to undertake a deep audit of your website, making clear and knowledgeable diagnoses that inform creation of our custom-fit SEO strategy. Then, we only take on a selected, certain number of clients during any given period. This means you can rest easy knowing your business is our priority.

While there’s no one answer to this question, we encourage you to be careful with agencies offering restrictive keyword packages for set fees. Afterall, can you be certain that their pre-made package is the best fit for you? Our team of experienced SEO professionals undertake an in-depth SEO content audit to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. The results are different for each client and every marketplace, depending on the scope of your operation. As the most trusted name in the business, we use only long-term, sustainable White Hat techniques to unmatched growth and sustainable leads for our clients. If another agency’s offer seems too good to be true (or isn’t backed up with both experience and evidence) then your business could be at risk. Stick with us and sleep easy knowing you’re investing in long-term growth.

Absolutely. In fact, SEO should be a key element in all your on-going website strategies. As a specialist SEO agency, we pair expertise in keywords with a suite of complementary strategies that offer long-term growth and sustainable leads to your business. What’s more, TopRankings offers unmatched expertise in sustaining your business for the long-term. To create your bespoke SEO campaigns, we spend time understanding your current vision and objectives, assessing your competitors, and meeting you ‘where you’re at’ in the process of future-proofed growth. Put simply, SEO is a critical long-term lead-generating strategy that must be considered by all businesses. Choose the experts to guide you.

If designed and conducted in a best-practice manner, you can expect exciting, sustained growth via the use of proven SEO techniques. To be most effective in generating sales and leads, these techniques should be matched to each client as an individual, unique project. Be wary: off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all ‘solutions’ – offered by many businesses in this field – offer little or no prospect of the growth we know you’re after. Our TopRankings experts undertake extensive research into the current SEO performance and keywords rankings of your business, analysing the work of your key competitors as we go. What’s more, our trademark auditing process identifies gaps and weaknesses in your strategy, helping create a best-fit-possible SEO campaign for your brand. It’s our proven expertise and two decades of experience that solidifies both our relationships with clients and the ROI and unmatched growth they experience.

Unlike other providers, we don’t offer restrictive keyword packages that while harmful to your business are great for the bottom line of other SEO agencies. Instead, we proudly deliver on our Unlimited Keywords campaigns offering you outstanding, sustained business growth for years to come. During the campaign process, we get down-and-dirty with our research, seeking out target keywords and phrases prime for use in your industry. We use this information to craft a unique package of actionable keywords and phrases to develop the foundations of your SEO campaign. The terms we target can be delineated by capital city and suburb, as well as other subcategories of the target market. As time goes on, we work with you to revisit and refine your campaign, responding to the real-time needs of the market as we go.

Having been at the forefront of SEO in Australia since 2007, we use countless proven tools to regularly audit, remedy and improve your campaign. While the combination of tools we use will be relative to the scope and nature of your campaign, we love using our trademark, on-page score metrics that cover many aspects of website health including crawl errors, site speed, metadata optimisation opportunities, and more. What’s more, we’ve also developed several internal processes and proven documented strategies that now form part of our TopRankings intellectual property and proven approach. As we see it, things are pretty simple: work with the best, and you get the best in return!

At TopRankings, we believe that every website should be fluid rather than fixed. Creating a website and then leaving it unaltered – without maintenance – can wreak havoc on your long-term business growth. Fortunately, if redesign is recommended, our partner company Digital Rescue are experienced specialists in the delivery of high-conversion WordPress websites specifically crafted to meet the needs of best-fit SEO practice. Our developers at Digital Rescue are experts in the art of match strategy with stunning design, content and visuals, delivering powerful, screen-based outcomes and a website you’ll want to shout about. Working together, our two companies can provide you with a complete improvement package to catapult your business forward in strategy, style and substance.

There’s nothing quite like an intimate knowledge of your own backyard. Over 20 years, we’ve gained a huge amount of insight, know-how, and experience of the inner workings of Australian businesses and marketplaces. Despite many requests from businesses in other countries, we choose to operate Australia-wide but not beyond our shores.

Absolutely. In fact, this is one of the key activities of our talented and experienced TopRankings team. Since 2007, we’ve reviewed thousands of websites belonging to an enormous range of businesses, big and small. Unlike other providers, however, we don’t off-the-shelf website subscription-based audits that auto-generate errors. Working in tandem with our partner company, Digital Rescue, we undertake extensive reviews and customised audits that help us reach an articulate diagnosis of the gaps, issues and scope for improvement in your website. Then, we set about creating a revolutionary, custom-fit SEO strategy just for you.

As the name suggests, local SEO is the process of providing more closely targeted SEO, delivering results from specific geo-located market segments or key communities. Local SEO can be extremely valuable to family-owned businesses or smaller businesses in general who are only servicing a small geographical audience. And yet, larger brands can still reap the rewards of specifically geo-targeted SEO campaigns as well. Local SEO activities enable our TopRankings experts to laser-focus on the most qualified leads. Then, landing pages can be crafted to connect with these specific audiences. Often, timing is also a key decision factor. These are situations where customers require a local solution to their problem – and for this to happen fast. It’s often about convenience; appreciating that the solution they require is locally-available (even from a national company).

We know reputational damage caused by Black Hat SEO strategy and other previous SEO blunders can be a painful and challenging situation to deal with. Luckily, we hear you – and we’re here to help! Today’s media world can be disastrously unfair. Businesses can suffer from negative reviews and so-called ‘cancel culture’ surrounding a public brand, name or perception. If your business does not currently have the reputation it deserves, then professional help is vital in rebuilding. Our TopRankings team delves deep into SEO practices and website content and performance. This allows us to begin the process of creating sustainable, long-term growth strategy that will catapult your business beyond its current confines.

Many websites regularly attract casual, uncommitted visitors. When return visits are made, this indicates an increasing level of interest. Remarketing techniques help you fully engage – or re-engage – with these potential customers. Original visits are often made before a prospective client is even committed to making a purchase or hiring a service. Remarketing keeps your name front-of-mind, ahead of others the customer might consider when it’s time for them to make a firm decision. Effective Google remarketing actions can draw those ready-to-buy customers back to your business from social media platforms and other websites. Luckily, we know exactly how to do the same for you.

How often does an attempt to make an eCommerce purchase seem choc-full of difficulties? Potential clients become frustrated on website, and simply leave to conduct business elsewhere. Integrated eCommerce helps your site to operate smoothly – for you, as well as your customers. Ultimately, the purchase process should be uncomplicated. That is, any shipping methods should be fully integrated to allow ease of tracking and options for delivery. Equally, payment gateways should be easy for a customer to use, and seamless in their delivery of funds to you. Finally, your accounting and order management processes should be hassle-free centrally-accessible. Luckily, our partner company Digital Rescue are experts in combining all these elements in a stunning and effective WordPress web presence.

We respect you’re the educated type and therefore guarantee you will stay clear of cheap ‘timeframe performance guarantees’ typically ‘promised’ by any other SEO Agency offering quick results and at a super cheap monthly investment. Measurable traction is typically experienced in the first 3 months of your campaign. Having worked with hundreds of clients since 2007, the time it takes to experience long term superior online presence including traffic and rankings considers many elements such as domain age, history of SEO on your website, who your direct industry competitors are, the phrases your company wish to focus on. Generally speaking non competitive industries experience great results closer to month 6 while very competitive industries experience superior online presence and traffic surges closer to month 9-12 from commencement. Our team report monthly on the progress of your campaign to keep you informed and keep themselves accountable.

We guarantee ethical “White Hat SEO’ techniques to drive your business long term sustainable results against your industry competitors. We risk our own reputation but more importantly we risk your company’s future online lead generation & sales if we choose anything other than the right conservative & balanced approach to SEO.

TopRankings is your strategic online marketing partner. Your prospective buyers search for your products or services in countless ways and therefore our team adapt commercially by providing you the freedom to target an unlimited number of search phrases to help you grow your bottom line – online.

With SEO proving itself to require a custom and tailored approach for each client, we price your investment based on the competitive nature of your industry, your search phrases, your SEO history and the level of effort to deliver you sustainable online results.

Absolutely and we’re proud to emphasise the critical importance of this investment on your part. Our team invest heavily into the upcoming strategy for your campaign, and our set up fees cover the time spent by our team to discover the keyword opportunities for your campaign, analyse your website’s on page & off page SEO gaps including content gaps. It is this level of attention towards your campaign that is critically important to achieve long term sustainable results. Our discretion applies and in some case we offer a reduced or waived set up fee.