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Creating unparalleled, sustainable leads through Google Ads campaigns.

As a leading Franchise Ads Agency, your specialist team at TopRankings are recognised experts in expanding the reach, leads and growth of a franchise operation. For more than two decades, we’ve represented major clients – including Chemdry and Jim’s Group – creating sustainable leads and lasting business growth for all. We’ll do the same for you.

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Proudly helping franchises thrive for two decades.

We think you’ve met your match. Working together, your insider knowledge of the brand’s products, services and operations will pair beautifully with our in-depth Pay Per Click (PPC) nous. TopRankings’ two decades of Google Ads expertise will help you auto-feed leads to your franchisees, supercharging your ROI and securing exciting, future-proofed business growth.

Our team will utilise their hard-won Franchise Ads Agency expertise to engineer a highly-optimised, data-driven PPC marketing campaign, customised to meet the geographical needs of your franchise operation. Working across core sectors of Trade sectors of consult, install and fit industries, Hospitality, Professional Services, and Cleaning Services, we understand the challenges faced by your operation and have the solutions to address them. Are you ready to secure powerful business growth for your franchise operation?

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Franchise PPC Services

that Create Lasting ROI

The competitive edge, growth & sustainable leads you’ve been searching for.

Ready to blow your competitors out of the water? Our proven approach to Ads lead generation offers you unmatched results from the agency with over two decades of expertise.

PPC Advertising otherwise known as ‘Pay Per Click’ advertising, is a model used to drive visitors to websites in which a specific advertiser (you) pays the entity publishing ( eg Google) the ad when it’s clicked by a visitor. When utilising this model, cost-effectiveness is key – as is the expertise of the agency delivering this service.

TopRankings’ Franchise PPC Services experts work diligently to deliver cost-effective PP Advertising results that will supercharge your business for long-term, lasting growth. Using a range of proven methodologies, we work hard in your corner to help you gain a dominant position in your competitive marketplace.

By utilising powerful Franchise PPC Services and strategies, we help you access a range of extraordinary benefits including:

activating a Google Ads campaign drives a flow of qualified new business leads for franchisors and franchisees alike. Quality campaigns can be live within a week.

PPC campaigns are highly agile. Our agency can broaden the campaigns by new categories, larger spread of search terms and reach a larger diverse geographical audience within hours

our managed Franchise PPC Campaigns are refined to minimise your cost per click and cost per acquisition.

Three ways that strategic PPC campaigns help franchises.

When optimised and designed with a clear, data-driven goal in mind, Ads campaigns improve brand awareness and recall, generate exciting leads, and boost a brand’s revenue.

PPC and strategic Ads campaigns help you scale your business by reaching out to users who click on Google’s top search results. This allows you to raise awareness of your operation via myriad websites and digital platforms, tracking your ROI as you go.

While SEO can take some time to generate sustainable growth, strategically designed Google Ads campaigns have a more immediate effect. We help you elicit a comprehensive digital marketing campaign by integrating elements of both Ads and SEO best-practice.

Utilise proven Ads strategy to create lasting business growth.

Securing extraordinary ROI outcomes for your Franchise PPC Campaigns requires a tailored combination of a wide range of targeted activities. Who will you trust to engineer yours?

Effective Google Ads Campaigns are designed to amplify the pace by which your master franchise can attract and pass on quality leads to your franchisees across their respective geo-locations. Demonstrating value for the annual marketing investment collected from franchisees is absolutely crucial.

Here’s how we help you achieve it:

  • We set a clear and focused strategy towards a clearly-understood outcome. This means that you know what successful performance looks like
  • We undertake high-quality keyword research to gain an understanding of the best ways to gain quality leads
  • We target ads to both demographic and geographic groups
  • We create powerful ad copy, delivering the content that encourages new leads by design
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As your Franchise PPC Campaign progresses, our TopRankings team will continue guiding you through other key actions, all designed to deliver flexible strategies and unparalleled results. Working alongside us, you’ll notice just how in-depth our Ads services really are – from the testing of ads and tracking of the conversion process through to consistent and detailed performance reports on a monthly basis.

Put simply, we thrive on helping you experience unparalleled leads and sales growth. Why? Because real results run in our veins.


Franchise PPC

for Businesses who Crave Growth

How PPC advertising will help your franchise generate leads

Google Ads for franchise businesses is a superb way of getting leads quickly and paying for the right terms that generate the right quality leads. For franchises, PPC advertising is a surefire way of ensuring franchise holders have access to genuine leads – individuals who are primed and ready to buy. Above all other platforms, Google Ads and SEO are the two most critical and highest value-for-money lead generation channels.

Through careful marketplace analysis and skilled campaign building, our TopRankings Ads experts deliver highly-targeted phrases and bidding strategies, split testing, ad extensions, and other key actions to deliver powerful PPC campaigns for franchisors and franchisees alike.

The days of massive ad budgets and the dominance of print, TV and radio advertisements are over. Leading Franchise Google Ads campaigns are vital in today’s competitive franchise marketplaces, empowering prospective clients to connect with your brain in an emotional and sustainable way.

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Are we the right Franchise PPC Agency for you?

  1. You can appreciate and align with values of honesty, integrity and partnership
  2. You’re looking for quality, sustainable and ethically generated leads to create lasting growth for your franchise operation
  3. You need great results, fast but don’t want to spend an arm and leg getting them
  4. You don’t have the time or energy to contact yet another Google  Ads agency looking to make a quick buck
  5. You’re looking to build a trusted network of digital marketing professionals who will ensure lasting growth for years to come
  1. You value bargain basement pricing over quality, sustainability and longevity
  2. You have an unlimited budget to spend on lengthy, non-targeted campaigns
  3. You aren’t willing to entertain two decades of trusted industry expertise achieving incredible results for franchises just like you
  4. You’re not ready to invest in lasting business growth and sustainable, unshakeable lead generation
  5. You fall easily for empty, baseless promises made by other agencies keen to make money from you

Act now and start enjoying growth tomorrow

Reach out today for your entirely obligation-free Google Ads Audit. We can’t wait to offer you insight into how your current campaign is serving you.

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